Why Should Everyone Care about Washcare?

Do you really read the details and instructions mentioned on wash care label in your outfit? There is a big possibility that you might have missed seeing this at least one out of three garments of yours. It is not that weird as many people do so. This article can help you understand why should everyone care about washcare?


Details on wash care labels are very much important but knowingly or unknowingly it is missed or is ignored. Sometimes this can have a negative impact on the garment.


Usually, they are hidden unlike main labels and are mostly placed inside the garment. In the case of shirts, T-shirts, and tops labels are on left side on the side seam about 10cm above the bottom hem. In some cases like socks or gloves or caps wash care details is mentioned on price tag or packaging.


What is washcare?

Wash Care Symbols The care labels on your garments give you special instructions to help you keep your clothes looking their best.  The wash care label is also referred to as a care labelwashing instruction labelcare & content label, and a few other choice terms.


Essentially, this is the label that you find in a garment that contains the washing instructions.


What details are mentioned on washcare?

  1. Fiber Composition – composition of a garment indicates the ratio or fiber content in the fabric. Fiber composition is important for the characteristics of the fabric. For example, if elastane 3-5% it is considered stretchy fabric whereas if it is lesser then stretch property is affected. Similarly in the case of other blended or interwoven fabric richness of composition inherit that property in the fabric.

Examples of fiber compositions – 60% cotton 40% poly, 95% cotton 5% elastane, 60% cotton 37% poly 3% elastane, 60% linen 40% cotton.


  1. Washing instructions – Washing instructions are technical instructions to wash the garment in order to perform better or maintain durability. In case of not following the washing instructions it may damage color or fabric of the garment or affect other garments being washed together.

Examples –

    1. Turn inside out before washing and drying or wash and dry inside out
    2. Wash similar colors together
    3. Remove trims while washing
    4. Do not wash
    5. Dry clean only
    6. Wash with cold water
    7. Hand wash
    8. Hang/Line dry
    9. Flat dry
    10. Reshape while damp
    11. Dry immediately after the wash
    12. Do not iron print or appliques


  1. Care symbol – Care symbols are small symbols on the wash care label which indicate about the method of caring for the garment.

  1. Country of origin – Country of origin is term used for the name of the country where name of the country where the garment is manufactured is mentioned on wash care labels. In many countries mentioning the country of origin is mandatory as per government law.


Why is washcare label important?

Care labels are essential when making the decision to purchase items, especially clothing. Without the guidance of an accurate care label; it would not be known how to properly care for a particular garment which in the long run could ruin the fabric.

If certain materials are not cared for in the proper way, it is possible the fabric could rip, come apart, fade away, pill away, or even shrink. Often times without proper care labels, colors will run onto other clothes while in the washing machine, or in fact some fabrics should not even be put in a traditional washer; instead they must be dry cleaned by a professional service.

Delicate fabric may get damaged if not washed inside out. Similarly, certain dyes are not meant for direct exposure to the sun, and drying it in sunlight may ruin the color of the garment. Sometimes there are removable design appliques or trims in garments that are supposed to be removed while washing or ironing but leaving them un-removed may damage these trims or appliques.

Wash care instructions have specified parameters mentioned like a wash at 40°, iron at 110°. In case of not following these parameters result may not be satisfactory or it can damage the garment.

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