Why Love Dolls Can Not Replace Real Partner?

A lot has gone through before reaching the level of silicon love dolls. In our society, there are people who love to fantasize their desires. Of course numbers would be very less otherwise we may hear gossips about who has what kind of doll and god knows what all, isn’t it? Let’s understand the psychology behind this phenomena, what impact it brings to a person, or is it really a replacement of real partner?


Why People Need a Love Doll?

Is it fantasies? Mostly yes, people fantasize love and love partner both which may not be possible in real life. However, this may not be a prime reason for people to opt for love dolls.

Is it for companionship? Could be, many people either with or without a partner are lonely. They need someone who gives attention who is there for him/her but doesn’t interfere so much, whom they can express their emotions. Not sure if you watched “Lars and the Real Girl 2007”; Ryan Gosling; Emily Mortimer.

Is it for a change? Could be, people like to see different faces, different body as well. Who knows this could be one of the reasons people look for a love doll.


Do love Dolls Serve Emotional Need?

May be yes for someone but not for all, everybody cant have one-sided conversation or reaction but for someone who can’t express certain feelings to anybody would like to express their feelings even to a pet or a plant so why not to a doll partner.


Do love Dolls Serve Physical Need?

Again, there could not be a straight answer to this. Different people could have different experiences, someone could not be physically satisfied as they do emotionally, and someone could be half satisfied whereas someone could be fully satisfied. 


Can love Dolls Replace Real Partners?

Having a companion for a person who is aloof may bring some happenings in life however it is not a solution as a person cannot get any emotional reaction from a doll. Likewise, a person cannot expect love and care from an artificial doll that doesn’t have brain, heart, and life.

As per science, an artificial silicon doll that doesn’t have a brain or life also does not have warmness, natural scent of a person, and is a dry artificial flesh. With these deficiencies, a silicon doll or even robot dolls cannot replace real partners.

Hope this article is helpful to understand whether love dolls can replace real partners. Please write your feedback in the below comment section.

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