Top 5 Industries Affected by Work from Home

Work from home would have been a dream job for many. Fortunately, one of the positive sides of Covid-19 is that it has made the dream comes true to many by giving the opportunity to work from home without shifting job. On the other hand work from home and lockdown have affected the business of many industries causing the loss of jobs in the masses. Below is a list of top 5 industries affected by work from home:


1. Retail and Fashion Industry


Sales have badly affected as most of the offices operate from home, entertainment and sports centers are closed and tourism industry is still shut. As per, from fiber to fashion retail stores fashion industry provides jobs to 450 million people. Today this industry suffers the most as millions of people have already lost jobs across the globe. The industry is very much hopeful on vaccines and the summer season ahead which can reduce the risk of infection normalize the situation.


2. Entertainment Industry

Top 5 Industries Affected by Work from Home

It’s been 10 months since multiplexes and cinema halls remained shut. Few cities have opened cinema theatres recently with restrictions whereas many are yet to reopen. Besides this other entertainment like sports events, shows, parties, festivals, public gatherings are affected too. Sports events like Olympics, IPL, World cups used to bring millions of people to one platform which could bring a shopping atmosphere is missing today. It’s obvious fashion is less active at home which makes people buy less or manage as it is.


3. Hotels and Tourism Industry

Due to ever-evolving travel behavior, an increasing number of people travel to increasingly distant and exotic destinations. Many third-world countries and emerging countries are attractive travel destinations of modern tourism, which often do not meet the standards that prevail in the travelers’ countries of origin with regard to hygienic and medical conditions in the place.

Due to the risk of spreading infections, hotels are being avoided even after it has re-opened.

If you remember, how COVID 19 spread across the world and became a pandemic. By the end of January, almost 10,000 people were infected worldwide, more than 98% of them were in China, and almost three-quarters were in the province of Hubei. In the days that followed, the number of infected people increased by an average of around 3000 per day. Cases outside of China also increased. COVID-19 was announced as a pandemic disease by the WHO on March 11, 2020.


4. Education Industry

Top 5 Industries Affected by Work from Home

Due to high risk at kids and prone to spread easily among students educational institutes, schools, colleges have been kept closed. Online classes and exams have replaced the teaching and coaching system. The study from home has eventually reduced the income to many institutions. As per government policy tuition fees are also reduced for online classes causing lower salaries for educational staff.


5. Transport and Aviation Industry

Top 5 Industries Affected by Work from Home

Due to COVID 19 pandemic situation public transports are running with low passengers, cab services have less number of trips, trains are unfilled, flights are limited and flying with lesser passengers. Also, the automobile industry has experienced a drastic downfall in the sale of cars and bikes.

Globally, the economy has badly affected due to low sales and poor performances caused by COVID 19 and the operational change of many industries to work from home. While many remain hopeful for their industries to get back on track many are learning new skills to diversify their career. We would appreciate if you share your experiences and idea which can help all of us to overcome this.

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