Top 5 Fabrics to Counter Heat in summer

Summer is always challenging specially for tropical regions. One side it narrows down the scope of fashion clothing whereas other side its an opportunity for light weight clothing and vacation look fashion trend. Since centuries few textiles have helped to resist summer heat. At the same time technical advancement in textile sector adds on varieties to fashion industry.


Below list are fabrics used for summer:

  1. Linen


Linen garments for summer fashion

Linen is considered the most exotic fabric for summer. Linen collections in wardrobe would give you great experience of comfort and style statement.

Whether its linen shirt or blouse or trouser or shorts or dress or blazer due to its breathable quality it is best choice for the summer.


Products with linen fabric:

  1. Shirt
  2. Blouses
  3. Trouser
  4. Skirts
  5. Shorts
  6. Blazers
  7. Dresses


  1. Viscose and rayon –


Viscose or Rayon garments for summer fashion

The terms Rayon and Viscose are often treated interchangeably. The viscose process is one of the most common ways to make rayon today. Viscose is another excellent fabric that would make you feel comfortable in the heat. It is a man-made fabric made out of wood pulp, cellulose, cotton, and other natural synthetics.

Apart from being cool for summer due to its soft handfeel and drapability it makes the outfit more comfortable and superior.


Products made with viscose fabric:

  1. Shirt
  2. Blouse
  3. Dress
  4. Skirt
  5. Shorts
  6. Plazzo


  1. Cotton

Cotton is evergreen fabric for the summer. With high production it is easily available and the most preferred fabric for not only summer but for all seasons. Pure cotton fabrics are soft and heat resistant for body.

Poplin, voile, cambric, knitted jersey to name a few are most suitable and light weight fabric and suitable for the summer.


Products made with cotton fabrics:

Almost all types of garments are made with cotton fabrics which cover tops, bottoms, dresses, suits, blazers etc across ladies, mens and kids. Due to high moisture absorbency and and cool in nature it is not used for sportswear, during rains and winter.


  1. Sun Protective fabrics

Sun protective garments for summer fashion

These types of fabrics are artificially made to protect from the direct UV rays from sun.  It blocks harmful UV radiation and remains one of the most effective forms of protection against sun damage and skin cancer.

There are three ways to make UV protection fabrics to counter direct sun heat in summer:

  1. Coated fabrics
    They can be coated with colorless dyes that help block out the UV rays during the manufacturing process. Unfortunately, this process is not eco-friendly, and the chemicals typically wash out after a few laundry cycles.
  2. Tightly woven fabrics
    The second way to make a fabric UPF 50+ is to make sure the fabric is tightly woven. The tighter the weave, the more UV protection a garment is, as holes in between the fibers allow sunlight to get through unimpeded.
  3. Luminous fabrics
    The third way, which we call the Luminous way, resolves the problem of having to choose between comfort and UV blocking. Good examples of these fabrics contain full percentages or blends of heavy-weight natural fibers like cotton, linen and hemp or light-weight synthetics such as polyester, nylon, spandexand polypropylene.


Products made with UV protection fabric:

Long sleeves, ankle-length trousers, knee- to floor-length skirts, knee- to floor-length dresses, and collars are common styles for clothing as a sun protective measure


  1. Cotton Lawn Fabric

Cotton lawn garments for summer fashion

Cotton lawn is a fine shirting fabric made of combed threads for a super smooth finish with a crisp hand. It is not as smooth as voile, and is lighter and less structured than poplin.


To be specific these are new categories due to special weave designs. Chiefly and seersucker are main fabric in this category whereas cotton and linen both can be used to make this type of fabric.


Due to weave structure small gaps and holes in the fabric provide great air circulation and one of the most favorable fabrics for the summer.


Products made with cotton lawn fabric:

Usually opaque, this lighter weight shirting can be used for button-downs, blouses, and all kinds of lined dresses and skirts.

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