Top 30 Profitable Export Businesses in India

At the macro level, export businesses are one of the most reliable businesses. Export brings an opportunity for buyers to explore the target market to different countries over selling domestically. In this article, top 30 profitable export businesses in India can excite you to start your own business.

Before making a final decision for any business it is important that the best business from different aspects is picked, all pros and cons are analyzed and planned to operate the business successfully. 


1. Packed Food Export

The food processing sector is one of the largest sectors in India in terms of production, growth, consumption, and export. India’s food processing sector covers packed readymade food, beverages, snacks, etc.


2. Spice Export

Indian spices are in great demand all over the world. The main reasons behind this are that they create an excellent taste and are also beneficial for health. The export of spices from India is one of the main businesses since the century. If you have the resources to do spice export business, this is an excellent business idea.


3. Electronics Export

The consumer electronics market is projected to exceed $ 1.5 billion by 2026. According to a recent study by market research firm Global Market Insights, market demand for consumer electronics is projected to grow at a significant pace due to the increasing purchase of devices integrated with the latest technologies. Since India has electronics production, exporting electronics to other countries is one of the profitable businesses in India.


4. Baby Care Product Export

Increasing maternal age, induced ovulation, and lifestyle changes such as drinking, smoking, and poor diet have led to a rapid increase in the number of diseases in newborns. Therefore, newborn care kits have become very important tools to prevent and assess ailments in prenatal and postpartum care. Rapid technological advancement, government support and initiatives, and increased awareness have led to strong growth in the neonatal care market. In this category, diapers, baby food, milk feeder, skincare products, and oils are the top products to target.


5. Toys Export

China, a leading toy manufacturer and exporter, India has a great opportunity to increase manufacturing and export capacity. The National Action Plan for Toys has been created by the Department for the Promotion of Industry and Domestic Trade (DPIIT), which calls to action many central ministries, including Textiles, MSMEs, I&B, Education, DPIIT under the Ministry of Commerce and other departments to nurture and promote the industry. In this category, musical toys, educational toys, games, teddy bears, and dolls are the most popular.


6. Organic Food Export

Organic food products are in high demand, yet the production capacity has great potential to meet this. India has great potential to produce all varieties of organic products due to its diverse agroclimatic conditions.

In various parts of the country, the inherited tradition of organic farming is an added bonus. This is promising for organic producers to take advantage of the market that is growing steadily in the domestic and export sector.


7. Rice Export

India is a well-known country in the world when it comes to rice growing. India’s travel exports from January to October were 43% compared to the previous year’s statistics. During the above period, the country managed to export 11.95 million tons of rice to overseas countries.

This number is above the previous year’s figure of 8.34 million tons. The export of non-basmati rice was 7.6 million tons, while the export of basmati rice was 4.36 million tons.


8. Vegetable Export

The vegetable business is one of the fastest-growing in the food industry in India. This is due to the increased global demand for frozen vegetable products, processed mushrooms, tomato products, and cucumbers.

This has created ample investment opportunities in the food industry in India which is mainly export-oriented.


9. Dry Fruits Exports

In the fiscal year 2019-2020, Indian dried fruit industry sales were more than Rs. 30,000 crores and most of the dried fruit was exported to countries such as the USA, Australia, United Arab Emirates, UK, and Malaysia.

Indian states like Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Kerala lead the breed of dried fruit production. With the growing demand for dried fruit in the overseas market, Indian producers are currently ready to start a dried fruit business.


10. Herbal Products

The demand of herbal products across the world has increased significantly as people’s inclination towards natural products has increased. Indian herbs and Ayurveda is worldwide popular. During COVID-19 Pandemic Indian herbs have believed to help people by increasing immunity.


11. Religious Product Export

Domestic religious products are not easily available abroad. This brings an opportunity for business owners to start their business journey in this category.


12. Medical Equipment Export

Healthcare in India includes hospitals, medical infrastructure, medical devices, clinical trials, outsourcing, telemedicine, health insurance, and medical devices.

India’s healthcare industry was worth $ 150 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach $ 280 billion by 2022 due to increased demand for specialized and high-quality healthcare facilities.

Indian health care is changing rapidly and has become one of the largest sectors in India – both in terms of revenue and employment.


13. Machinery Parts & Tools

The machine tool industry in India has grown rapidly for several years. The rapidly developing automotive industry is a major reason for this boom, which occurred after a stagnant phase in early 2000.

The demand for machine tools in India increased in 2002 and has increased significantly since then, attracting several international brands companies to India for the import of machinery.

Today, the widely exported forms of machine tools from India are metal cutting and forming machines, including grinding machine, lathe, milling, drilling, bending, shaping, cutting, slotting, tarpaulin, construction tools, gardening tools and various other types of machines used in various fields Industries for casting metals to desired shapes and dimensions.


14. Sports Equipments

India’s sporting goods industry is nearly a century old and thriving, driven by a skilled workforce. The industry is labor-intensive and employs more than 500,000 people.

India’s sporting goods are popular around the world and have made a name for themselves in the global sporting goods market. Total sporting goods exports for the 2018-19 period were $ 313.48 million and reached $ 122.76 million in 2019-20 (through July 2019).


15. Apparels Exports

Although the apparel business was one of the hardest-hit companies during the COVID-19 pandemic, this business is considered one of the most successful in the world due to the high demand for apparel products.

Innovations in products such as environmentally friendly products, organic products, recyclable products, and sustainable products are the key to the success of this business in the future.

16. Accessories Export

Among fashion products accessories is one of the most popular items followed by fashion followers.  The global accessories business is worth $210 million. Innovative and trending designs are key to the success of this business.


17. Personal Care Products Export

This category is divided into medical, non-medical, and further electronic items and personal hygiene. Skincare, hair oils, soap, shampoo, conditioner, nail polish, napkins, sanitary pads are products you need to look for the source and target buyers.


18. Cosmetics Export

Cosmetics are generally defined as products applied externally to improve appearance. Cosmetics products represent the wide variety of substances that can change the look and smell of our bodies.

Cosmetics are products you apply to your body to clean it, make it more attractive, or change the way it looks. Cosmetics are actually personal care products however this list is kept separate for cosmetics and make-up items.


19. Jewellery Export

India’s gems and jewelry sector hopes to tap a $1-billion export opportunity arising out of an ongoing trade war between the United States (US) and China. The opportunity came India’s way after the US levied a 10 percent import duty on the import of gems and jewelry from China, taking the tariff to 20.5 percent. Moreover, demand for jewelry products is high across the world.


20. Indian Painting and Arts

Indian arts like painting, sculpture are popular everywhere. This is one of the factors attracting tourists to India. They make purchases from small decorative items to big size antique statues.

These are exported freight agencies or courier services. Providing online shopping experience to overseas customers or supplying to wholesale buyers or opening shops abroad are business opportunities one can plan to start.


21. Furniture Export

According to the Indian Ministry of Commerce, Indian furniture exports also saw an increase of nearly $ 40 million (rupees 292.5 billion) from $ 449.66 million in 2016-17 to $ 533.10 million in the period Recorded in 2017-18. Woodcraft exports grew 33.47% and totaled US $ 36 million.

Due to its high durability and strength, the demand for Indian wood in the international market is favorable.


22. Perfume Export

The demand for fragrance and perfume across the world is fascinating. As per the World’s top export The export of perfume items in 2019 was $19.6 billion.

With cheaper range to extreme expensive product range, this industry serves all class of society. This is the reason having a good hold on scent making can be one of the most profitable export businesses.


23. Gadgets Export

Gadgets help to simplify our lifestyle and improve well-being. In busy lifestyle demand for gadgets is high across the world. Hence, selecting the right product and target customer is key for succeeding in this business.


24. Juices & Health Drinks Export

Under the packed food category juices, health drinks, energy drinks are always the best to pick for customers visiting the supermarket. Whether it be sports or party or travel plan juice or health drinks are essential consumables. Unique products like tender coconut, sugar cane juice are unique products India exports.


25. Dairy Products Export

Dairy products like yogurt, curd, butter, buttermilk, cheese, paneer are the main dairy products in high demand globally. One can choose this category to deliver to the niche market.


26. Traveling Equipment

Traveling has been one of the most fascinating activities for people in the 20th century. Tools and innovative gadgets for traveling, trekking, rock climbing, camping, cycling is a great export business idea for making a high profit.


27. Appliances

It’s never easy to make life comfortable without having appliances whether it is for kitchen or, garden or bathroom or home. They help to make the work easier, faster and multitasking is easy to perform using them.

Due to high-quality standards made in India products are trusted more than Chinese products. Due to high demand and good profit margins appliance export is one of the most profitable business ideas.  


28. Swings Export

Whether reading a book or relaxing in the lawn or balcony or on the beach; swing is a necessity for many people. Finding out the target country and customers to supply this item is key for this business.


29. Antique Product Export

India is one of the major exporters and suppliers of handicrafts and gift products to the world market. The Indian handicraft industry is highly labor-intensive and decentralized, is all across the country in rural and urban areas.

The sector is considered as the second-largest employment-generating sector after agriculture with numerous artisans engaged in craftwork on a part-time basis.


30. Automobile Export

Many countries do not have their own manufacturing for automobile products. Hence they are dependent on their neighboring countries or cheaper-priced automobiles. At the end of the fiscal year 2020, the export volume of two-wheelers from India stood at around 3.5 million units.

The export sector had witnessed double-digit growth in recent years.  Though this is a big investment business automobile export is one of the highest profit-making export businesses.


Hopefully, the above top 30 profitable export business in India will be useful for your business. Please do write your feedback and suggestions in the below comment section.

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