Top 15 Things to Prioritize in a Relationship

There is a huge number of breaking relationships every year. Many new relations start every day but at the same time many breaks too. This is either due to ignorance or lack of effort from both sides. With time situations in life changes and with changing situations care, efforts, and most importantly priority towards the relationship is important. Top 15 things to prioritize in a relationship for it to sustain and grow with time and situation.


1. Pleasant Surprises

Surprises keep the relationships young. It’s one way of expressing love for the partner. A surprise that makes the loved one happy reflects a level of intimacy, states comfort with closeness. Flowers for a person who is allergic to them are not a pleasant surprise; perhaps a jar of her favorite jam would be a better choice.


2. Emotional Support

Supporting emotionally to the partner can be mesmerizing and a person can feel strong to deal with a difficult situation. Bonding gets stronger when both support emotionally to each other. Dealing with a difficult situation alone can make the person either weak or strong emotionally but lack of partner’s involvement can only create a gap between them.


3. Compromises for Each Other

Two separate persons are always meant to have differences in their thought processes and their choices. Making adjustments that may be Compromising or adjusting for a partner can make him/her happy. 


4. Mutual Understanding

Mutual understanding in a relationship means being equally empathetic and sympathetic towards each other. Accepting each other’s views and making a common agreement is important in a relationship.  Mutual understanding does not only reduce clashes but it can also make the bonding stronger between couples.


5. Love

Love is the base of any relationship. Love is a close bond between a couple that goes deeper than affection, attraction, lust, or friendship. The true feeling of affection towards each other makes a person feel every feeling of a loved one. Lack of this feeling leads nowhere to both in the relationship.


6. Care

Similar to love caring for each other in the relationship is important for both to have a happy life. Knowing the partner’s situation and acting to provide comfort or a solution is care. A person with care is always overwhelmed and this makes the person emotionally closed his/her partner.  


7. Respect

Respect means that you recognize that your partner is a whole person, you respect his/her views and individuality, you do not impose your own opinion on him/her. With respect, love and bonding can grow whereas without respect one person can be in an unhappy situation.


8. Trust

Trust is the faith you have in someone that they will always remain loyal to you and love you. To trust someone means that you can rely on them and are comfortable confiding in them because you feel safe with them.

Trust is the base for any relationship. Without it, the relationship will be shaky and will eventually fail. Lack of trust is the main reason relationships fall apart.  if you don’t have trust it means you won’t feel secure that your partner will love you and be loyal to you. This may create suspicious thoughts which can affect the relationship.


9. Loyalty

Loyalty is the desire to see your partner and your relationship succeed. Everything you do, everything you say, and all that you are is invested in your relationship with your partner. Being committed and loyal to your partner is important for the relationship to be healthy and happy.


10. Forgiveness

Forgiveness in relationships means changing your feelings, desires, thoughts, and actions toward your partner. It means to accept the small mistake of your partner when he realizes or is sorry for.


11. Individuality

Maintaining individuality is critical to establishing a long-lasting, healthy partnership. Therefore, equal efforts between attending to oneself and making the relationship work are necessary. Losing personal individuality may bring confusion in the relationship. In the worst scenario, the partner may not be able to accept the flip in individual personality.


12. Closeness

Many times due to busy schedules or due to gaps couples miss closeness and intimacy. Closeness is important for a relationship to bloom. Without closeness, people face boredom or can even get distracted. These situations can turn to be disastrous.  


13. Good Time

Having good or quality time together no matter how busy the schedule is can keep both happy and emotionally connected. Whether spending time together at home or going for dinner or taking a break for holidays couples get a free and good time to spend with each other.


14. Celebrations

Celebrating together on special occasions or even on weekends or end of the month is a great idea to keep the spark in the relationship. Celebrations give an opportunity to both to have light moments and enjoy together.


15. Humor

Laughter is a powerful tool for bringing people closer together, managing conflict, and reducing tension. It can resolve many problems and also humor is helpful to avoid conflict or uncomfortable situations between partners.


Hope this article is helpful to you to prioritize the best practices for a happy and successful relationship.

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