Top 15 must have makeup items for ladies

Makeup trends come and go, but some products can really stand the test of time. Whether it’s your all-time favorite red lipstick or can’t leave eyeliner, most of ladies have beauty bag to keep them secretly. There are many brands offering different features depending on your skin type. Listed below are items that are essential to complete your make up.


  1. Concealer

  1. Foundation

  1. Blush

Blush for makeup

  1. Primer

  1. Kajal

  1. Eyeliner

  1. Mascara

  1. Eyeshadows

  1. Lipgloss

  1. Lip liner

  1. Lipstick

  1. Face powder

  1. Makeup remover

  1. Nailpolish

  1. Nailpolish remover

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