Top 11 Self-Employment Options for Ex-NIFTians

With the shrinking apparel industry, many students and even experienced Ex-Niftians face issues in getting good job opportunities or career growth. Entrepreneurship with small startups can be self-employment options for ex-NIFTians rather than being dependent on a job and employer. The list below are the best-picked opportunities NIFT alumni can venture their career:


1. Crafts making

Crafts are treasures at home. They can add great value to the interior and at the same time crafts are also used for small purposes at home. Having the passion and skill to make crafts making can be a great business opportunity. One can tie up and sell to shopkeepers or sell it online on e-commerce websites.


2. Canvas painting

Making canvas paintings and selling them can be a good earning option for many people with painting skills.  Every designer has a unique quality of canvas painting. Making this a small business startup can be a good idea and it can be later expanded by adding a team and managing staff. Similar to Crafts this can be sold to shopkeepers or online on eCommerce websites.


3. Customized Gifts

This is a challenging option as there is tough competition due to many options like greeting cards, flower shops, decorative items, jewelry, and electronic gadgets, personal care items are popular and easy options for customers. However, unique and creative ideas to make the customized gifts can make the business idea superior to the competition in gift items.  


5. Customized Dresses or Gowns

Making customized dresses or gowns for special occasions against order can be special for many people. This brings a good opportunity for fashion designers.


6. Hand-knitted Sweaters for winter

Hand-knitted sweaters using double-pointed needles have been an old tradition. Many unique designs for sweaters, cardigans, stoles, hats can be made using this technique. It is not a bad idea to market it as handmade products and sell it as a premium product online. To increase production capacity having a team of designers or trainees can be helpful.


7. Accessories and Handbags Making

Using different materials and design elements lot of varieties can be possible in this category. Customizing the bag or accessories with a short message or name could be a valuable addition to these products. For accessories designers, this could be a great business opportunity.


8. E-commerce

Owning an eCommerce website and selling your own product is an opportunity for people to run their own business. The uniqueness of products, target market, publicity, and online campaign are keys to making the business profitable.


9. Business Consultation

People with good experience and knowledge on specific subjects have an opportunity to provide solutions to specific problems to business owners through consultation.


10. Design Consultation

Providing design consultation to brand owners or design houses is an independent business idea for fashion designers up to date with fashion trends and experience to design target customers.


11. Graphics Designing

Selling graphics designs online or to companies is a new trend for the fashion business. Designers with good experience of designing software can opt for this option for their career.


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