Top 11 Affected Businesses due to COVID-19 and Counter Plans

There is absolutely nobody who has not got affected by the threat of COVID-19 and lockdown due to this. People who dreamt to work from home, people who never liked to be at home, and people who traveled 7 days a week all got affected. Almost all types of businesses were paused. Below are the lists of the top 11 affected businesses due to COVID-19 and counter plans for recovery.


1. Restaurants

The restaurant business is one of the most affected businesses ever since lockdown started. Small or big, restaurants on streets or in malls all were shut down due to COVID-19 lockdown. Consumers had to be self-dependent for food and taste.

To keep the business running without letting the COVID-19 virus spread government allowed restaurants to operate with parcel delivery services. While this looks temporary solution many business owners may not have parcel delivery services. It’s time for them to arrange delivery boys or tie up with delivery companies like Swiggy, Zomato, or other local parcel services.


2. Transport

During the lockdown, transports was another most affected business. Except for essential goods supplies and medical emergencies all types of transports whether government or public or private were stopped for any movement across or within cities.

    1. Aviation – The first time most of us could ever see all flights grounded for almost 60 days. As the government has allowed flights to operate with the guidelines issue aviation industry has restarted flight services gradually. Ensuring social distancing, safety precautions for boarding and un-boarding passengers, mandatory safety guidelines for passengers can help the aviation industry to operate smoothly in the future.
    2. Bus – People stayed away from home, traveled to their hometowns on weekends, people traveled for work or businesses, all stopped during the lockdown. With the government’s guidelines, some of the states have started public buses in selected cities. With strict measures, the government could come up with a plan to run buses. The article, “” gives an idea of running transport with safety from the COVID-19 virus spread.
    3. Cab services – Cab services like Uber, Ola, and private taxis all were badly hit due to lockdown. While the government allowed only emergency and permitted cabs this could not be sufficient for the business point of view. We may need a more advanced health tracking system to trace people and allow uninfected people. 
    4. Boats, cruise & ships – Some of the states rely on boats and cruise to travel. Due to risk and lockdown, these have also been affected. With strict measures, this transport facility could also be started gradually.


3. Cinema halls

The film industry and cinema hall owners have also been badly affected due to the COVID-19 lockdown. This is going to be challenging as cinema halls can not ensure social distancing. Viewers are slowly shifting to online web series and paid movie services. This industry still needs to wait and watch for cinema halls to reopen. 


4. Saloons and parlors

Who doesn’t feel irritated with long tangled hairs or curly beard or hairs in underarm but almost everyone has suffered due to long lockdown and keeping saloons and parlors closed. Nobody can deny that saloons and parlors could be risky places as transmission from a customer to Barbour and Barbour to many customers. As per the government’s instructions, most of the cities are keeping these closed and as of now, there is no alternative for customers other than being self-dependent as PM says. Business owners still need to wait and watch.


5. Bars

After almost 50 days of lockdown wine shops opened, people’s thirst for alcohol created despoliation in cities which later came into control. However, bars and pubs are instructed to remain shut. 

Till it gets to normal business owners still have an option to make customized orders and door deliveries supported with good music links online.


6. Sports

All types of sports are banned to happen in both indoor and outdoor stadiums. Olympic 2020 stands postponed for 2021, IPL 2020 stands canceled till further notice, T20 world cup 2020 is likely to postpone, likewise, many sports events including private games have been banned during the lockdown. 

As of now people only have the option of playing online till everything is normalized.


7. Hotels

The hotel business is not left being affected due to COVID-19. Bookings have reduced drastically; rates have been cut to attract customers. However, it may take time hotel booking tends to pick up till things get better.


8. Tourism

During pandemic safety and survival have been the first priority for everyone. As transports and public movements have been restricted tourism industry is suffering the most during the lockdown. The tourism industry has been completely shut and most likely they may need to wait for a longer time to reopen everything. 


9. Retailing

During lockdown food items, essential goods, medical supplies have only been permitted. Shopping malls are still instructed to keep shut. As per the latest relaxations given small retailers may open but need to ensure and follow the government’s guidelines in wake of the COVID-19 virus spread.

Retailers have a good opportunity to sell goods online through their own eCommerce website or on any other eCommerce platform. This may give some relief to the business owner however it may take time to be totally dependent on online selling as there is a huge competition and the business model needs to comply with it. With the help of digital marketing and online ads, brand owners can uplift the sale.


10. Courier services

Courier and parcel services play the most essential part for business and supply of essential items to people. With the restriction of items to be sold or purchased courier services are functional in most parts of the country during the lockdown. 


11. Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is one of the biggest industries in India. It gives jobs to the highest number of people. Due to lockdown many companies were shut. Now with relaxations and guidelines units have re-opened but still, there are challenges of demands and resources. With migrant workers moving to hometown manufacturing companies can have big tensions building.

Business owners need to explore the opportunity in different products with existing setup or new market to meet the demand as per their production capacity.

The article “” for business ideas may help you to venture into new business. Hope this article is helpful. Please write your feedback in the below comment section.

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