Top 10 Places Intelligent Robots Can Replace Humans

In the past, robots were more mechanical than intelligent ones. They were used for lifting, moving, and to perform dangerous work with simple programming. Thanks to Information Technology and science today that have made robots more complex and human-like machines. Top 10 places intelligent robots can replace humans and are capable bring a great change in our lifestyle.

Hanson Robotics is building humanoid robots with artificial intelligence for both the commercial and consumer markets. The Hanson-created Sophia (pictured above) is an incredibly advanced social-learning robot.


1. Automated Machines

Automation Robots -Top 10 Places Intelligent Robots Replace Humans

Automation and Robotics Engineering is the use of control systems and information technologies to reduce the need for human work in the production of goods and services. Today, many manufacturing industries use robotics for automation in production.

  • Automotive industry
  • Aviation industry
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Appliances manufacturing
  • Food processing
  • Apparel and textile manufacturing
  • Service industry


2. House Help

House help - Top 10 Places Intelligent Robots Replace Humans

Robots are now customized and developed to help people in a house for cleaning, cooking, carrying things from one place to another. Robots hold an immense capability to foster independence to senior people. Robots can hand appropriate medicines to older adults on time. Additionally, there exist robots that can take bedridden patients from one place to another.


3. Delivery Services

Delivery robots-THouse help - Top 10 Places Intelligent Robots Replace Humans

While this is still in the development stage many companies have successfully developed robotics for delivery services. The app helps customers to make an order which is fetched by delivery robots. Customers can place their orders, and a local delivery robot makes its way to the vendor to pick it up. The robot then trundles to the customer’s front door. The latest technology also provides customers delivery tracking facility using app.  7 companies using delivery robots today are:

  • Amazon – Amazon has put delivery robots to work during the pandemic. In January 2019, Amazon launched Scout, an electric robot carrier, in the Seattle region. The company then extended the rollout to Irvine, California in August.
  • Nuro – Its vehicles are purpose-built to carry fresh food in chilled or heated compartments, and being fully autonomous means there are no conventional controls and no space for a driver.
  • AutoX – Jointly headquartered in California and Hong Kong, the startup began grocery delivery trials in California back in 2017, using cars modified to store chilled food on their back seats, accessible through open windows.
  • Robomart – With autonomous electric vehicles designed to drive on the roads. The self-driving robot opens its sliding doors to reveal a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables, ready to be picked from its shelves.
  • Eliport – Its four-wheeled electric vehicles are designed to drive at walking speed on sidewalks and in pedestrianized spaces, delivering goods to homes and offices.
  • Postmates – Postmates has a robotic delivery division called Serve. Designed to look like a futuristic shopping cart (complete with circular LED lights for eyes), the Serve is a four-wheeled electric delivery vehicle built for use on the sidewalks.
  • Starship Technologies – The Starship delivery robot has quickly become the favorite choice for many foods and delivery companies. These six-wheeled electric vehicles are used by several US colleges for delivery food to students across campus, and by grocery stores and takeout businesses.


4. Aerospace industry

Imagine if astronauts are robots instead of humans! If it happens sending robots to space would be cheaper, lesser risk, and more efficient as many things like food, sleep, and bathroom is not a necessity for robots.  Today, robots play an important role in aerospace applications, in both the construction of aircraft engines as well as performing tasks such as drilling and painting airframes. The task robots are most often used for in aerospace applications is drilling holes into components.


5. Military Force

Military robots are autonomous robots or remote-controlled mobile robots designed for military applications like transport, search & rescue and attack. Some such systems are currently in use, and many are under development. It can bring a big revolution if robots replace human soldiers; loss of life can be eradicated as well as robots can be more efficient and accurate.


6. Farming

Farming Robots -Top 10 Places Intelligent Robots Replace Humans

An agricultural robot is a robot deployed for agricultural purposes. Emerging applications of robots or drones in agriculture include weed control, cloud seeding, planting seeds, harvesting, environmental monitoring, and soil analysis. Farm equipment is now regularly outfitted with sensors that use machine learning and robotics to identify weeds and calculate the amount of herbicide that needs to spray, for instance, or to learn to detect and pick fruits.


7. Cooking

Cooking Robots- Top 10 Places Intelligent Robots Replace Humans

Robotic technology can allow restaurant businesses to save time, plan cuisines and serve customers efficiently. Customers can enjoy international cuisine anytime with a customized menu, and diet plan.


8. Education

Robotics used in the education environment plays a vital role in everyday learning, teaching kids, and in the specialized education of students with disabilities. Robots can be customized with multiple options and accurate knowledge-based programs for teaching and training purposes.


9. Medical

Today, medical robots are well known for their roles in surgery, specifically the use of robots, computers and software to accurately manipulate surgical instruments through one or more small incisions for various surgical procedures. As per the American Society of Mechanical Engineers there are 6 robotic applications in the medical field:

  1. Surgical Assistants – These remote-controlled robots assist surgeons with performing operations, typically minimally invasive procedures.
  2. Telepresence –Physicians use robots to help them examine and treat patients in rural or remote locations, giving them a “telepresence” in the room. “Specialists can be on call, via the robot, to answer questions and guide therapy from remote locations.
  3. Medical Transportation Robots – Supplies, medications, and meals are delivered to patients and staff by these robots, thereby optimizing communication between doctors, hospital staff members, and patients.
  4. Rehabilitation Robots – These play a crucial role in the recovery of people with disabilities, including improved mobility, strength, coordination, and quality of life.
  5. Sanitation and Disinfection Robots – With the increase in antibiotic-resistant bacteria and outbreaks of deadly infections like Ebola, more healthcare facilities are using robots to clean and disinfect surfaces.
  6. Robotic Prescription Dispensing Systems – The biggest advantages of robots are speed and accuracy, two features that are very important to pharmacies.


10. Relationship

Relationship - Top 10 Places Intelligent Robots Replace Humans

AI-based robots are going to be companions for humans. People look for friends or partners for an easy and stress-free life. People and robots interact with each other and the right kind of AI can improve the way humans relate to one another. The doll industry looks forward to AI programs based on love dolls with real feel silicon-based skin to replace love dolls with a real partner.


Hope that you have enjoyed the wonderful applications of robotics technology that will change our lives in the future. Please do write your feedback and suggestions in the below comment section.

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