Top 10 Latest Technologies of Road Construction

Constructing roads have been one of the slowest processes. People needed to wait for months for the project to complete. Moreover, labor cost was always a big concern. Things are not the same anymore. The top 10 latest technologies of road construction in this article can make road construction amazingly faster and easier. So, here are amazing features of the below technologies of road construction.


1. Wattway Pack

Wattway Pack- Top 10 Latest Technologies of Road Constructions

The French company group collapse has come up with an alternative and very interesting option to place solar panels. Wattway Pack is a replacing section of existing roads and walkways places with little traffic and no shade are chosen for installation so that the sun shines on the panels almost all day time. In turn, the system connects to nearby street lights traffic lights, and surveillance cameras providing them all with power. Amazingly 50 square meters of road covered by solar panels produce about 6 300 kilowatt hours of electricity per year by comparison one average family consumes about 4000 kilowatt hours per.


2. Bomag BMP 8500

Bomag-BMP-8500-Big-5- Top 10 Latest Technologies of Road Constructions

8500 from the German company Bowmag is a remote-controlled trench roller that allows the operator to remain at a safe distance. It compacts the surface with a working weight of one and halftones. The 85-centimeter working width makes it ideal for the compaction of trenches ditches levees and parking lots. The compact dimensions make it easy to operate in confined spaces as well. In addition, the BMP 8500 is suitable for work on difficult terrain has rollover protection, and is resistant to shocks and falls.


3. Snow Melting System

Snow Melting System - Top 10 Latest Technologies of Road Constructions

There are already systems that can automatically remove snow without too much effort. The company warmly yours is installing them in the U.S. and Canada. They’re similar in design to standard underfloor heating systems. Several segments of the road are removed and special mats are installed in their place. Next, a fresh layer of asphalt is placed on top of them so that the road regains its integrity of course. The system is connected to a power source when snow falls a person activates the mats they heat up and melt the snow turning it into water. In a matter of minutes, overall the technology is very energy efficient installation is quick and easy too the price of one square meter of pavement varies from 80 to 200 dollars.


4. Chip Seal

Chip Seal - Top 10 Latest Technologies of Road Constructions

Despite the fact that asphalt is considered the standard and most optimal material for paving roads. There are some places on our planet where its use is not very reasonable for example it’s cheaper and more practical. To cover rural roads with low traffic with a special chip in professional circles it’s known as a chip seal. Very often as in this case the technology is used to restore the old asphalt surface as it brings it back to a usable condition. The process consists of two simple steps the first is the application of a sticky bituminous layer to the surface which will bond the old and new coating together. The second is the application of a crushed stone layer together. These two materials fill cracks and potholes prevent further surface deterioration and increase the strength and traction properties of the road. The equipment you see on the screen belongs to the American company Apsnya. It stands out for its considerable working width that allows treating a seven-meter road in one pass at high speed.


5. Paving Track Banking

Paving Track Banking-Top 10 Latest Technologies of Road Constructions

Paving Track banking and here’s another road section where traditional construction and repair techniques can’t be used. That’s because this is the Daytona racetrack with a banking of 31 degrees in the corners. When paving asphalt such a steep angle causes a lot of problems the first challenge is to make sure that heavy equipment like rollers and pavers can remain in a stable position without falling over or rolling away depending on the width of the road. One of two methods is chosen if the road is narrow a crane uses a boom and a hook to hold the machine in place. If the surface is very wide and the slope is very steep the supporting equipment is placed on top and operates in the same way as a winch. In addition, the asphalt itself is more viscous and is applied in a very thin layer and rolled immediately such precautions allow the material to be fixed at once instead of sliding down.


6. Rubber Parking Blocks

Rubber Parking Blocks - Top 10 Latest Technologies of Road Constructions

In order to prevent careless motorists from driving on the sidewalk or lawn special blocks are installed on the borders of the parking. A lot traditionally they’re made of concrete but the material is too prone to destruction a more effective and durable. The alternatives are these rubber blocks they have a low weight which means that they can be installed quickly and easily at the same time unlike concrete blocks they will not crumble or crack the elastic material absorbs energy from collisions without damaging the car itself.


7. Simex T800

Simex PL 45.20 + ST 200 - Top 10 Latest Technologies of Road Constructions

The most efficient and fastest way to create a trench for example if you need to lay a utility network is to use mounted disk mills. Here you can see the t800 from the Italian company Simex the working tool is a rotating disk that cuts through the soil removing excess material. The operating weight of the equipment is 1430 kilograms the cutting depth can be adjusted from 45 to 80 centimeters while the working width stays the same 25 centimeters.


8. Simex PL 45.20 + ST 200

Simex T800- The future technologies of road construction

The Simex PL 4520 and st200 this machinery that is indispensable for a truly fast repair of cracks in the road. You can see two machines at once the pl 4520 road planer and the st-200 asphalt float both of which were developed by simex experts. The planer is mounted on a loader and is adjusted to the width of the pavement then as it goes it cuts up the damaged asphalt layer and shreds it.


9. Startk TL7500

Startk TL7500 - The future technologies of road construction

Road graders are extremely interesting special purpose machinery they’re used in road construction to level a layer of soil. The advantage of the machine you see on your screen is the additional working tool on top of several blades the TL 7500 from the finish. Company start is equipped with a hydraulic swivel wheel unit. The wheels effectively compact the loosened soil preventing it from drying out and reducing the amount of dust. It produces moreover an additional pair of wheels increases the mobility of the equipment and allows to work in places with narrow roads and steep turns ad 4’s glass grid pm the technology. You see on your screen right now avoids premature deterioration of asphalt around manhole covers specialists of the french company sang ban.


10. Adfors Glassgrid PM

Adfors Glassgrid PM - Top 10 Latest Technologies of Road Constructions

Ad force suggested laying a special geogrid made of fiberglass under the finishing layer of asphalt. it’s made in the form of an arc so workers don’t have to cut anything. The function of this grid is to absorb and dissipate horizontal tension around the manhole thanks to this cracks appear less frequently which means that repairs can be postponed.


Hopefully, you would like these technologies to see how effective and efficient they can be on road construction. Please leave your feedback and suggestion in the below comment section.

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