Running Public Transport During Corona Virus Outbreak

Since childhood we have experienced freedoms in life, freedom to roam, freedom to travel, freedom to do things anywhere but no one would have realized or ever thought that one day we would need to restrict ourselves inside the room. People are in lockdown, states are in lockdown, countries are in lockdown and the almost whole world is in lockdown. There are challenges to control and stop the spread of the virus. With lockdown, all governments and authorities want to contain the virus. Of course, the spread is being controlled and we all hope things will be better soon. However, this is the fact that we can not continue to be in lockdown for months. We need to find a solution to come out and start doing our work. We hope selective public transport facilities will continue to run strategically after the lockdown deadline 3rd May 2020. To run offices and open markets or shopping malls, public transport would also be essentil. Below prevention and safety protocols can help people travel without letting the virus spread.

Travel Card  

Every family can have one or two travel cards depending on occupations and the number of members in the family which will be required to carry while traveling in public transport. Transport authority should monitor the traveling from each family and unwanted movements can be restricted.

Training and awareness to bus staffs

Training and awareness should be made for onboard and off-board both staff. Also with the help of electronic media and printed banners, people should be made aware to follow the protocols while traveling in public transport.

PPE for bus staffs

Bust staff must be provided PPE and should be made mandatory to wear while traveling.

Hygiene and sanitization

Public transports like buses, trains, taxis, and even flights must be cleaned and sanitized after every trip. Necessary disinfectant and sanitization must be available in every individual taxis, buses, and train coaches.

Mask and necessary protection equipment should be mandatory

People should not be allowed to travel without safety equipment.

Limited passengers per vehicle

Considering the social distancing number of passengers per vehicle should be restricted.

Social Distancing

Every individual must follow the social distancing guideline. In case of violation in social distancing conductor should have the right to penalize or not let him travel. There should be a blockage in buses so that passengers maintain distance with the bus staff.

Payment by electronic method

The government may encourage and implement electronic payment methods in public transport both local and national. This will ensure social distancing and transport staff getting in direct contact with passengers. Discouraging cash payment will reduce a lot of chances to spread the virus to bus staff and vice versa.

Queue system with social distancing

Queues at every bust stops should have social distancing guidelines, markings and monitoring to ensure the same.

Temperature checkup of passengers while boarding

Every passenger must be screened for body temperature. In case of high temperature or any symptom of COVID-19 traveling in public transport must not be allowed.

Buses should have extra PPE and medical equipment for emergency

For any emergency, buses should be equipped with necessary medical equipment and spare PPE on it.

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