Protecting Home and Family from CORONA Virus

No one can deny that the safest place in people’s lives is their home. When we are at home we feel safe and relaxed. When we feel unwell or we see any danger outside we retain ourselves at home. A recent live example is the lockdown, during lockdown across the world people are asked to stay at home to protect themselves and their family from COVID-19 infection. With this, you can realize how safe our home is. At the same time, we need to protect our home and keep away from any danger so that it doesn’t affect us. Every member of the family must be equally responsible to keep the home hygienic and safe. In this article, I am gonna talk about simple steps and necessary arrangements to protect the family members and home from the CORONA virus. Remember that our goal is not to let the virus enter inside the home. The prevention and simple rules for family members can help to stay away from the virus.


Sanitizations at doors

It is necessary now that every home has a facility of sanitization outside near the main door. Every person coming from outside must sanitize and remove most vulnerable items like face covers, masks, gloves, and footwear. Similar to entry in offices during COVID-19 pandemic, for entry in family also the members should first wash legs till knee, hands till biceps, complete face, ears and neck in the washroom before going to other places at home.


Cleaning of contacted area

Places contacted by a person entered from the outside like door handles, washroom handles, and wash-basin etc should be cleaned with disinfectant or detergent.


Disposal for used PPE

Every home should keep closed disposals for dumping used PPE like masks, gloves etc. This should later be disposed off as per advice and arrangements by authorities.


Face masks and PPE

Depending on the risk area visited by an individual mask and PPE must be used. A good mask or additional protection with scarf can be mandatory to protect from contaminated particles to the respiratory system. It is also important that one uses additional equipment to cover eyes and ears.


Awareness and Training to every family member

It is duty of guardians and adults in the family to educate and train every member at home for precautions, safety measures, social distancing and usage of PPE. Precautions at various situations must be explained to every individual.


Quarantine area at home

The person traveled and coming from another city or infected area or having any symptoms of flue should live in home quarantine for at least 14 days. During this time all personal belongings, foods etc should be separate.


Hygiene and sanitization at home

Any objects including groceries, milk, fruits or vegetables brought from outside must be cleaned and sanitized properly. Used clothes should be washed separately with hot water or disinfectant. Also, the home should be cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis. 


Utilizing the free time for online learning

One should encourage himself, family members and children in the family to utilize free time as an opportunity. Online courses, online digital learning, and online brain booster games can be the perfect way to utilize the available free time during the lockdown. This will help to keep family members busy inside the home and out of risk from going out unnecessarily. 


Connecting with old friends, colleagues and relatives

People may find different opportunities during the lockdown period. While some may have some leisure time and some may be busy with overloaded work from home however there are chances for everyone to have some free time considering traveling for office during normal days. It’s a good time to connect with old friends, colleagues and relatives during the lockdown period.


Making safety equipments at home

People can use their creativity to make safety equipments, handy tools using house hold stuffs.

Making mask at home –

Making face protection at home –

Making PPE at home –


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