Positive Side of COVID-19

COVID 19 pandemic made us experience which most of us could have never imagined. Words like Lockdown, Quarantine, and Isolation made top ranking in the list of our dictionary. As everything was new, with limited information available awareness has been the key to safety and survival. Though Corona virus has brought complexity in our life it is also protecting us from other disease.


  1. Hygiene –

Can you recall, you and your friend went to ice-cream parlor or juice shop and ordered different flavor ice-creams or juice? Do you remember, you might have taken a bite from your friend’s ice-cream or sipped juice from your friend’s glass? This might have happened once or multiple times either during school or college or office or function.

Will sharing food with others still exist? Of course not, at least till existence of virus.

While purchasing from shop or mall many have habit of checking things by sniffing it. Don’t you think it is stopped now?

Hygiene has been so important in life today that people are cautious to touch anything. People wash or sanitize their hands more often now. To break the chain of human transmission Handshaking culture is shifting to NAMASTE.

Food items like groceries or fruits or vegetables are washed thoroughly before consuming. Things brought from outside, clothes and accessories are being cleaned or sanitized before use or to stack it on the shelf. This may not have been the case always pre COVID-19 pandemic time.

Knowingly or unknowingly we are protecting ourselves from many other diseases due to germs or bacteria or transmissions.


  1. Eating habits and Immunity –

Of course lockdown and restrictions in restaurant have impacted eating habits but this may be temporary. What has changed is awareness for health and healthy diet. One side situation has discouraged people from eating junk foods other side awareness for immunity boosting natural diet and herbs are migrating people to eat healthy.

Maybe soon we can expect data that will justify the actual figure of sales drop for artificial or packed food products which are considered to be junk.

The change in eating habits may not be immediate solution to COVID 19 but in long term people will not only get benefitted from it by getting immunity boosted but also live healthier and safe from other diseases. Article, “https://lookahead.in/all-you-need-to-know-to-fight-covid-19/” explains the ways to increase immunity and have a healthier life.

  1. Living Healthy without Medicines

In ways to live healthy without medicines many people are adopting yoga, pranayam, meditation, walking, and exercises. Strong body and healthy mind are keys to live healthy without using medicines.

As data reveals COVID 19 is not life threatening and has very less impact on healthy people even if they are infected with the virus. Healthy lifestyle in a long term will make people strong and immune to many diseases. Article, “https://lookahead.in/is-okinawa-diet-japanese-secret-to-live-long/” explains the ways to live healthy and have a long life.


  1. Bye-Bye Bad Addictions –

An addiction like smoking is considered to have bad impact on lungs and respiratory system which ultimately is bad for COVID 19 infection. While study is underway it is believed that smokers are at higher risk of severity and death due to COVID 19.  In article, “https://www.who.int/news-room/commentaries/detail/smoking-and-covid-19” WHO has briefed below.

“At the time of this review, the available evidence suggests that smoking is associated with increased severity of disease and death in hospitalized COVID-19 patients. Although likely related to severity, no evidence to quantify the risk to smokers of hospitalization with COVID-19 or of infection by SARS-CoV-2 was found in the peer-reviewed literature. Population-based studies are needed to address these questions.”

Many running out of stock during lockdown might have missed the smoking whereas awareness have made people quit or reduce frequency of smoking. This may bring good result to smoker’s health. We are yet to see the complete analysis.


  1. Being Self-Dependent

During lockdown many suffered as the government had to make sudden announcement. People were not prepared to deal with it. Many lacked facilities like food, groceries, medicines, emergency services etc. Later, government announced “Aatmanirbhar Plan” to counter economy crisis and people’s suffering due to lockdown. This isn’t a small agenda as it is related to community, cities, states or even country.

Just imagine, people who were totally dependent on servants or outside services for basic needs like food and cleaning how difficult it would have been to manage during the lockdown without these services. Isn’t it self-dependent to be able to manage these by own?

On a bigger note, country should be self-dependent by having own production and supply, states should be self-dependent of local production and supply, every area should have availability and accessibility of people’s needs, families should be self-dependent of source of income and necessary facilities.

While nobody could imagine the pandemic, situation has taught many of us to think and prepare ourselves with better arrangements to face such situations.


  1. Pollution Level at Low

While humans suffered during lockdown due to COVID 19 Pandemic nature and other living creature enjoyed the freedom. Atmosphere flourished as the pollution went to almost zero. Air, water and soil reserved their time to heal and purify themselves.

Our rules and regulations and all experiments to control pollution are totally failed since years. Now lockdown of few weeks compelled us staying at home, resulting not only controlling pollution but also help ozone hole has healed. In short, since centuries we humans are disturbing all environmental cycles but COVID19 has given our world the chance to heal up by itself. The air quality now we can feel more hygienic and better in quality.

The government made many efforts to clean river water and invested huge amount of money in filtering and purifying the same but very less results were seen. COVID 19 holds Industrial smoke and vehicle pollution which not only started cleaning air, water and other natural resources, including the clear visibility in atmosphere.


Although COVID 19 Pandemic has been deadly it has played a positive part in our lives which leads us to live hygienic and healthy lives. Please also read the article “All You Need to Know to Fight COVID-19


Hope this article brings positivity in your life in spite of struggles due to COVID 19 Pandemic. Please write your feedback in the below comment section and also sign up to get notifications of more relevant posts.

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