Opening Markets and Shopping Malls during CORONA Virus Outbreak

Since the lockdown got implemented all shopping malls and market places are closed. This has affected businesses in big time. With awareness programs by governments and media we have learned about self-protection and social distancing. We cannot deny the fact that the government can’t afford to have lockdown for a long period. Taiwan and China are functioning normally as businesses and public places are open. Hopefully there could be the decision by the Indian government to remove lockdown after 3rd May. This doesn’t mean that danger will be gone from our lives. Post lockdown to ensure social distancing and avoid the spread of COVID-19 virus government may implement the below steps for opening markets or shopping mall or offices or running public transport during COVID-19 Pandemic:

Opening the limited market

Depending on infection zones only selected markets or shopping malls in green zones should be opened. While deciding to open a market monitory system for entry and exit of every individual should be considered.

Entrance and exit to be Restricted

Entry and exit points to be restricted and controlled by authorized staffs. People should be allowed for limited time.

Controlling the people’s movements in shopping malls and market areas

Authorities should give time slot colony/sector-wise to avoid the rush in the market. Also, police/security should be made available to monitor people’s entry and considering social distancing he should restrict people from entering the market area after the allowed number has reached. People should be returned or made to wait with social distancing until existing people from the market area or shopping mall exit.

Entries on register or electronic media by visitors

People should be made to enter their name and address entering the market or mall. Electronic membership or entry cards could be provided so that people’s number of visits per week is monitored. People visiting frequently should be advised to make purchases for a few days so that they don’t need to visit frequently which causes rush in the area.

No permission to enter without masks and faces covered

People must not be allowed to enter public areas like markets or shopping malls without covering their faces.

Monitoring social distancing inside markets and shopping malls

Authorized staff must monitor the social distancing of people and not letting gather in one place. Shopkeepers should also be advised to restrict the number of people and ensure social distancing in their premises.

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