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My Experience of Being a Team Captain and Being a Manager

What is Common in a Captain and a Manager?

What is common in being a manager and being a captain is leadership. Prior to beginning of profession most of us go through the phase of being a leader in our extra curriculum activities. Someone leads in sports, someone leads in arts, someone leads in competition, and someone leads in social activity.


What I learnt from Captainship

Playing Cricket has been hobby for many people and so was it for me. Being a captain and leading the team in field has been one of my biggest passion during schooling and college. Winning the match was never easy. Lot of strategies and planning were involved. During the game, to execute plans guiding and motivating team happened to be the most crucial part. If all went fine then team wins the game.


Challenges as a Manager

While dealing with the work and people there are two types of challenges:

  1. Internal – Internal challenges are related to team, inter departments – material sourcing, operations, finance etc. Non-conformance or disagreement or delay could be main challenges faced internally.
  2. External – External challenges and issues are related to outside business partners, like – customer, vendor, service provider etc. During work many issues pops up which was not planned, changes from customer or vendor makes the execution part difficult.


How Challenges Could be Dealt?

  1. Internal – Keeping the team motivated, train and guide them in right direction, anticipate problems and plan to avoid them, prioritizing work under pressure, solving issues within department and with other department etc are ways to manage the internal challenges.
  2. External – External challenges are never easy to manage as it needs expertise and right decision. Issues need to be dealt tactfully, understanding the problem practically and communicating rightly to overcome this are keys.

Of course, captainship during college has given the strength of leadership. Dealing with pressure, managing team, guiding and motivating team members, leading the team to complete the project ar

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