5 Inventions That Protect us from COVID-19 virus

In past we have been seeing other countries using some of the PPE like face masks to protect form viral infections like Swine Flu, SARS etc. During the COVID-19 pandemic the infection is so rapid and world is suffering with increasing patients domestic and global health system has alarmed us to maintain social distancing and also use PPE for our protection. While some of them were old inventions few have been invented recently to counter Corona virus infection.

  1. Face Masks – Good quality mask like N95 is helpful to resist COVID-19 virus from entering our respiratory system or body. If followed the guideline about usage of mask and other protocols face mask can protect us from infection.
  2. Face Shield – While face mask is must to protect our respiratory system face shield provides complete protection of face as it additionally covers our eyes and ears which can also be prone to virus infection. Face shields are limited in market due to low production but it can be made at home for personal use.
  3. Hand wash and Sanitizer – Washing hands with soap is very essential as we have learnt from our childhood. However, at present pandemic time we need to be extra caring to wash hands after touching any object. Good sanitizer plays vital role while traveling when soap and water is not available.

  4. Gloves – Usage of gloves in past have been mostly for hospitals and food industry however while purchasing or at work or while traveling to protect from COVID-19 virus gloves help to protect from direct contact to skin. Guidelines for usage of gloves must be followed for complete protection.
  5. PPE gowns – Non-woven water and air proof PPE gowns have emerged as one of the main equipment for medical staffs, security staffs, and even for public visiting to containment zone or closer to COVID-19 patient.

Above lists is for external equipment to protect form the infection. However other medical inventions like testing kits, ventilators, medicines etc have played major role to treat patients and save lives. There may be a day when we may need to go to work wearing PPE. Hope this article is helpful for you and family to protect from COVID-19 infection. Please write us your feedback in comment section.

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