Innovative Startups in India that Changed the Lifestyle

In this article we will discuss about top 14 innovative startups in India that has changed the lifestyle of people. Many startups in India have surprised people with their innovative and practical approach. Most of the business startups presented here are the best solution for customer’s needs.  While there are 100s of companies and aps that have made people’s life easy below are most popular businesses that have not only changed people’s life but have also succeeded in the market in very short time. The digital technology helped these businesses to startup with low investment without investing in the own production through web aps, android aps and IOS aps.


  1. Swiggy

Founded in 2014, Swiggy is based out of Bangalore, India and, as of March 2019, was operating out of 100 Indian cities. Swiggy has become India’s largest online food ordering and delivery platform. The company doesn’t own restaurants but have tied up with local restaurants and through restaurant’s menu in aps customers find easiest way to order and get food at home from their favorite restaurants.


  1. Zomato

Zomato founded in 2008, the service from Zomato is same as Swiggy. Though Zomato company started much before Swiggy at present Swiggy has greater popularity and users. Zomato gold provides special benefits to its gold members.


  1. Bigbasket

BigBasket was founded in December 2011 and has its headquarters in Bangalore, India. Bigbasket is an Indian online grocery delivery service. The company primarily delivers grocery goods found in convenience stores, home essentials and food supplies to its customers. 


  1. Grofers

Grofers is an Indian online grocery delivery service. It was founded in December 2013 and is based out of Gurugram. Tiger Global and Sequoia Capital. The name Grofers is a portmanteau of “grocery gophers”


  1. Wow Momos

Wow Momos is an Indian chain of fast food restaurants headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal, India, specializing in momos, dumpling popular in Nepal, Tibet and India. It was established in 2008 in Kolkata. Prior to starting organized restaurant business the company sold momos


Wow! momo was started with the investment of 30000 rupees which Sagar took from his father. In the beginning, Sagar and Binod did approach the supermarket chain Spencers to set up a stall. In the company’s initial days, Sagar used to wear a Wow! Momo T-shirt and approach every person entering the store, asking them to sample the momos.


Momos originated from Tibet is popular snacks across states in north east. For its unique taste and quality the company did exceptionally well and business has expanded from North to South growing it in short time since it had started.


Last year, it acquired Series B funding of Rs 44 crore directed by Lighthouse Funds and IAN at a valuation of Rs 230 crore.


  1. Oyorooms

Oyo Rooms, also known as Oyo Hotels & Homes, is an Indian hotel chain. It is one of the largest and fastest-growing hospitality chains of leased and franchised hotels, homes and living spaces. Founded in 2013 by Ritesh Agarwal, OYO initially consisted mainly of budget hotels. The unique idea made it a success story when company invested in website and aps which has helped to connect 1000s of hotels across country without investing in buying or constructing them.


Company reached many property owners who kept their houses unutilized and made them connect with Oyorooms for online booking which ultimately benefited owners, Oyorooms and customers with cheaper price.


  1. Ola

Ola Cabs founded in 2010, based in Bangalore, Karnataka, India is an Indian ridesharing company offering services that include peer-to-peer ridesharing, ride service hailing, and taxis. Company started its business when people had to book taxi on phone calls, wait for hours for its arrival or wait on road looking for vacant taxis.


It not only made convenient to book cabs but also people could track the cabs location, traffic and arrival time.


  1. S-ride

The company started in 2014, provides carpooling facility. This is popular in cities for people to travel at low fair within the city and has become India’s largest carpool. The idea of carpooling has benefitted the owner and traveler both at the same time it may have reduced the traffic on road to some extent.


  1. Rapido

The company was founded in 2015 in Bengaluru. Rapido is an Indian online bike taxi aggregator based out of Bangalore, India. Online bike drop service makes this business unique as nobody would have imagined such service. The company faced legal complications in some cities however successfully ran in 15 cities and made convenient ride experience to students other users.


  1. Fixmykars

Fixmykars was incorporated in 2014 in Bangalore with a vision to provide online platform and assistance to end users. Fixmykars focused on giving, skilled auto mechanics go to home doorstep or office with completely prepared machine apparatuses and certifiable extra parts and do the required car repair work at door. When car breakdowns while travelling Fixmykars team reaches to the location based on request and fix it on the location itself. This makes people free from worry of car breakdown and getting stuck on road.



1mg was founded in 2013, is a digital consumer healthcare platform that makes healthcare ailments ordering online and delivery at home. It allows users to find information about medicines prescribed by doctors and also buy it. Users can order drugs by ailments, class, companies, and brands.


  1. Practo

Practo was founded in 2008 in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. The company provides online consultation from doctor and also guides online for the health related issues. It has been so convenient for people to consult doctors online when they cannot visit to hospital or clinic. The company keeps record and feedback of people for their health issues which other patient can refer and if required they can implement the same to treat themselves. During COVID-19 Pandemic many people could take the benefit of this service.


  1. Ubanladder

Urban Ladder was established as an online-first brand in 2012. The company provides furniture for living, dining, bedroom, study, and décor. They also provide services like AC service and repair, furniture repair, house repair, cleaning etc. Using aps people can book and schedule timing for services needed.


  1. RedBus

Founded in 2006, RedBus is India’s largest online bus ticketing platform that has transformed bus travel in the country by bringing ease and convenience to millions of Indians who travel using buses. People do not need to go to counters, they can cgose their favourite bus, seat, timing sitting at home by simply using aps.


Today, most of these companies have open platform where people can become business partner either by taking franchise or register as service provider. No doubt innovation is key for success in business and sustaining in the market. In above examples, business owners have made startups with innovative and practical ideas. They are good lessons for people to think and start businesses wisely.

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