How Technology is Killing our Sixth Sense?

Technology makes our lives easy, saves time and energy, improves our productivity, makes possible to many difficult work however surprisingly, technology also have some disadvantages. We either ignore or we are helpless or we are even unaware of the disadvantages.


Dependency on Machines – We are dependent on machines as it easily does work for us.  Whether it is calculating or planning or organizing or analyzing or doing things on our behalf all is possible with machines. Our effort is reduced, we become dependent on machine to finish the work.


Memory in Sleep Mode – Whether machine or laptop or mobile phone or software or app, we rely on them for informations, reminders and even sometimes auto communications. Instead of remembering birthday dates of closed ones reminders on mobile calendar is set, Instead of remembering important information or numbers or to do list we rely on data saved in mobile or laptop. Not having enough exercise for brain leads to poor memory, lower analytical power and limits anticipation power.


Disconnect with Nature – In today’s life many people do not get chance to get exposed to daily weather conditions as busy office culture keeps people inside closed air-condition rooms. In old days our ancestors used to see the sky and tell time and even predict rains. It may be hard for today’s generation to predict rain without seeing weather forecast news


Distance with family, friends and colleagues – Even though there is virtual closeness, in reality there is distance with friends and family. Either people live far or they do not have leisure time to spend with family, friends and colleagues.


Dependency on technology in a way is restricting people from using their own memory or sense. This is slowly killing our sixth sense.


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