How I Treated and Cured Sciatica like Lower Back Pain

The horrible story of suffering and finally a happy ending!

As per research, everyone suffers from back pain atleast once in a lifetime. The pain can be different for different people. It may be temporary for someone and for someone it becomes chronic. In this article, I will share my story and steps that helped me to deal with the pain. I will also tell you the treatment which cured my chronic back pain after 5 years of suffering.

I could not lie down flat on the bed, I could not get up from bed in the morning, so much pain in the lower hip while walking. I learned many new exercises and remedies from internet. Some of them worked really well but after a few days no impact. I also developed a few exercises on my own which helped me a lot however these were temporary relief. I analyzed that every person may have different conditions even if it is lower back pain so the solution given by any expert may work for a particular patient and can not be a common solution for every lower back pain patient. I felt I had compression in nerve and due to the wrong posture mostly while sleeping there was imbalance making my both hip bones misaligned. This could have been another reason for nerve compression which caused inflammation and too much pain. As experts suggest pinch nerve happens in the lower back which causes pain in sciatica nerve sometimes only till hip and sometime down till legs and even till toe. I too felt there was a connection. Pain in the lower back used to travel to hip increasing the pain in the hip area whereas back pain used to be lesser. Every time pain was different and hence different exercises helped to relieve the pain. I will illustrate exercises, remedies, do’s and don’ts so that it can help you if you are suffering from similar pain. I will also suggest an ultimate treatment that can cure you of the chronic back pain.

As the pain persisted I decided to go for another treatment. This time it was a combination of acupuncture, cupping, and hijama. I was very confident to cure myself with this treatment as I had seen many reviews online that cupping had cured many patients suffering from a pinched nerve. As I was undergoing treatment I felt too much relief from the pain however hip bone misalignment was not getting improved with this treatment too. I decided to leave the treatment after a couple of weeks of treatment. This was another disappointment. Now I started to think that I may have to live with the pain for life long and I will not be able to play games which were very sad news for me. I could never believe that this could be so serious; I never had any major accident to face this level of seriousness. Hence, I still continued to do research thinking there must be a solution to fix this. When you are dealing with back pain I want you to know and practice below to manage your condition.


Sleeping –

  1. Sleeping flat on back with a lesser height pillow is best and advised for every person. A person with lower back pain can place a pillow or other raised item (such as a rolled-up blanket or towel) beneath the back of their knees. This will relieve stress on the back, making it more comfortable.
  2. Sleeping flat on the stomach with lesser height pillow under the chest is helpful for people suffering from lower back pain however, people having digestion issues or blood pressure or lungs related issues must avoid this.
  3. The bed must be flat and without cushion. A coir mattress is a better option.
  4. Sleeping at the side is not advisable however depending on the side of hip bone misalignment sleeping at the side with an extra pillow under knee can be ok.

Getting up from the bed and lying down on the bed

  • One must get up sideways bringing both legs down from the bed and with support of hand, the body should be lifted up.
  • The same method in reverse should be followed while lying down on the bed. This way there is no pressure at back.
  • One must get up slowly from the bed.


  • One must sit on a flat chair, wooden chair or stool is the best option.
  • The chair must have straight back support, push back chairs (like in-flight or buses) are not good for back pain.
  • One must take a break after every 20 minutes and get away from the sit.
  • While sitting rotation in feet and toes exercise is helpful for blood circulation. This reduces inflammation and pain.
  • Support at the lower back while sitting is good for back pain. It helps in keeping the spine straight.


  1. Food that reduces the inflammation should be included in the diet.
  2. Diet should include calcium, protein, and minerals in appropriate qty.
  3. The anti-oxidant diet helps in reducing the inflammation thus the pain.


  1. Gym workouts must be avoided, especially weight exercise is dangerous. I know a person who got paralyzed due to weight exercise after he felt recovered from the slip disc.
  2. Yoga with proper guidance is a better option.
  3. Appropriate stretching exercise is helpful and sometimes it can cure the problem.
  4. Sudden movements are risky and must be avoided.


  • Long travel should be avoided. It is advised that raveling has broken and if possible one should get up and walk for a few minutes after every half an hour.
  • The design of the seat must be flat like seat in auto rickshaws.
  • One can use back support while traveling.
  • Stretching exercises help in blood circulation.


  1. Work-related to weight lifting or pulling weight must be avoided.
  2. Work with the wrong posture must be avoided.
  3. A workplace should have an ergonomic design.
  4. Any work while leaning must be avoided.



Acupressure works like a pain killer without any side effects. One can opt for this as remedy for pain.

Sujok therapy

Sujok therapy with fenugreek seeds is magical in reducing pain. Apply fenugreek seeds on tape and stick it reverse side of the palm as per position in below image. Keeping it overnight helps in removing pain however this may be temporary relief. One can continue for better result.

Warm water feet therapy

Keeping feet in warm salted water for 20 minutes to 30 minutes helps to reduce inflammation and reduces pain.

Heat therapy at back

It helps to relax the muscle which reduces pain and stiffness. You can take help of your family members or do it yourself.

Ice therapy at back

It reduces inflammation, swelling and relieves instantly in pain. You can take the help of a family member or do it yourself.

Combination of heat and ice therapy at back

For better result combination of heat therapy and ice therapy, one after another is a better option to heal injury and reduce muscle pain and spasm.


It helps in recovery from injury. Physiotherapy may also cure the back pain problem depending on severity.

Foot massage

Foot massage increases the blood circulation and hence reduces pain. It also relives from stiffness in lower body.

Oil Therapy

Add ½ teaspoon each of turmeric, garlic, fenugreek, cloves and heeng in 100ml mustard oil and heat it for 3-4 minutes at low flame till ingredients turn deep brown. Apply this oil daily twice. This strengthens the muscle and nerves which reduces back pain. If there are no complications like misalignment this can even cure the pain permanently for some people.

Seed Therapy

Take a medical tape preferably 1” width, stick fenugreek all over the tape, now stick it around waist and spine, keep it overnight or for 4-5 hours. This removes pain drastically.

Stretch Exercises and Yoga asanas

One needs to be very careful regarding exercises. Any wrong exercise may increase the problem. Also, it is very important that one practice exercises which are prescribed by an expert or doctor or physiotherapist. I personally have experimented many exercises which were advised by doctors or physiotherapist. I am listing ones which were really effective for my problem and hence these should only be practiced by a person suffering from lower back pain due to bulge in L5 and S1. As I experienced none of these exercises when done continuously were effective after a few days. So it is important that you sense the pain and change the exercise or give a break for 2-3 days. If the problem is not severe then there are chances that with right exercise pain is cured permanently. However, it is strongly advised that the below exercises can be done depending on the good health condition. In case of any complications, it is obvious that one should take advise from a doctor regarding these exercises.

Crocodile Pose [Makarasana] –

This asana should be done for 30 seconds to 1 minute 2 to 3 times with breaks. One should swing both legs from knee like a pendulum. This helps blood circulation due to the pinched nerve.

Cobra Pose [Bhujangasana]

This exercise should be done slowly. As shown in images the upper body should be stretched 45° to 60° maximum. One should hold 20 to 30 seconds. If one experiences strain and pain then he/she should not hold for more than 20 seconds. This is a very good exercise for disc bulges and helps in getting the bulge to normal.

The Raised-Leg Pose [Ardha Halasana] –

This asana should be done in three stages; 1 Left Leg, 2 Right leg and 3 Both legs together. For every 30 seconds to 1 minute should be held without straining. This improves flexibility and blood circulation in the legs.

Half Wind Relieving Pose [Supta Pavanamuktasana] –

This asana should be done for left and right both legs alternatively, for each leg knee should be held close to the chest for 30 seconds to 1 minute. This pose improves blood circulation and very helpful in pinched nerve cases.

Knees to chest pose [Pavanamuktasana] –

Fold both knees and hold close to the chest for 30 seconds to 1 minute. This pose improves flexibility, blood circulation and very helpful in pinched nerve cases.

Sciatica Stretch –

This stretch exercise is especially advised for a person suffering from sciatica pain. This can be performed for both legs however if pain increases due to this then only one side (pain side) should be performed. This is very helpful for relieving sciatica pain.

Universal Spinal Twist [Shava Udarakarshanasana] –

Again one should perform this for both sides, every 30 seconds to 1 minute. This is a very good pose for pinched nerve and sciatica pain.

Revolved Reclining Hand To Big Toe Posture [Parivrtta Supta Padangustasana] –          

Again this pose should be performed both sides, every 30 seconds to 1 minute. This is very helpful for lower back pain. It improves blood circulation, flexibility and reduces pain.

Sleeping Abdominal Stretch Pose [Supta Udarakarshanasana] –

This pose should be performed both sides like Shava Udarakarshanasana. Additionally, one can swing both knees together right to left and left to right for 5 to 10 times. This is very helpful for lower back pain due to pinched nerve. This exercise can cure if the problem is not severe.

Bridge Pose [Setu Bandha Sarvangasana] –

This pose strengthens the spine and lower back muscle. This can be performed as the first and last exercise. However, I prefer Vajrasana and Balasana to be last.

Thunderbolt Pose/ Adamantine pose [Vajrasana] –

Regardless of lower back pain, this pose is simple and very useful for all. This is a good package of exercise. It improves digestion, strengthens back, pelvic muscles & legs, improves blood circulation and increases flexibility in the lower body.

Child Pose [Balasana] –

One should perform this for 45 seconds to 1 minute. I prefer this as the last stretch exercise as it relaxes muscle after all other asanas are done. After doing this asana you will get a lot of confidence and you can be an active whole day.


  1. Food which increases the inflammation must be avoided.
  2. Avoid food which causes indigestion, constipation and gastric. In case of these problems not controlled one must get treated to control the back pain.
  3. Alcohol must be avoided as this generates inflammation and hence pain increases drastically from the next day morning.
  4. Workouts, especially with weights and hanging exercises, should be strictly prohibited.
  5. Any work-related to lifting or moving weight must be avoided.
  6. Unwanted or sudden movements must be avoided.
  7. Jerk while traveling must be avoided.
  8. Sitting on a cushioned chair must be avoided. Back should have straight or ergonomically designed support.
  9. Indoor games like table tennis, badminton, and outdoor games like football, volleyball, basketball, cricket must be avoided. Also, fast running or jumping must be avoided.
  10. It is better to avoid sex if the pain is more. To avoid pain increase one should perform sex in easy positions without straining.
  11. Sleeping on an uneven surface or cushioned bed must be avoided. Any wrong position in sleeping can also increase inflammation and pain.
  12. While lying down and getting up from bed one should not let direct body weights come on back or buttocks. As advised above correct method should be followed for this.

Above, I have given guidelines from my personal experiences to manage and treat the lower back pain. With all above remedies I could manage the pain and have normal busy life however the restrictions could not be overlooked. Whenever I bypassed any of the don’ts activities my pain increased and sometimes I felt unbearable pain.

Treatment that cured me: –

As time passed I kept researching further treatments that can cure permanently. I was repeatedly suggested by friends and family members to visit again a good orthopedic which I never wanted to do again. Fortunately, I found a completely new concept for back pain treatment and this is called CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENT. I did not have very good luck with my first Chiropractor though as he didn’t have a favorable health condition. After a little more research I found another Chiropractor in Pune, this time I felt so lucky after meeting him with my reports. He gave me confidence that I will be cured in three to four sessions. I just can’t explain this moment of life. Anyways, treatment started. The first day of the chiro session was too painful, the doctor told me this is five years of pain that needs to come out so be patient. For the second session, I had to visit him after three days. In these three days, I felt the same pain however I kept patience to continue with other sessions. After the second session, 5th day of the first session I felt that my pain had reduced by 60% and now I could make those movements that I could not do for many years. This was great news for me. After the third session doctor told me not to come and with suggested stretching exercises I will be completely fine in a month or so. The third day after the third session I felt my pain had reduced by 80%. Unfortunately, I skidded and fell on one of my butts. This increased the pain and I felt my treatment went for a vein. I rushed to the doctor. He did the treatment and suggested additional exercises to perform every day twice. The best thing was the doctor still gave me confidence that after 2-3 months I will be completely fine.

Friends! After a boring story, I just want to tell you great news now, I have recovered and my suffering for back pain has vanished. I got some free time in lockdown to bring my story to with remedies to you. I am sure you will have enough time to read and you will incorporate them in your life to overcome the pain.

Lastly, I request you to advise your healthy family and friends not to give too much load on the back. When things are normal we never realize that our body is made very much like a machine and has a lot of limitations. Unknowingly we hurt our body and damage its natural condition which makes us suffer later. I finish it with this.

Please do write to me in the comment section about your experiences.

Good luck! 

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