How Do Fashion Trends Start?

Almost everyone on earth today follows, knows, or has heard about the Fashion trend. Irrespective of those who are in the profession of fashion or those who aren’t, the origin of the fashion trend has always been a puzzle. So, always there is a question in mind how do fashion trends start?

So, how do trends happen, where do they start, why do other runways have the exact same color scheme, or maybe some identical elements? In this article, we will discuss how fashion begins, the different ways that fashion comes into our lives.

So what is a trend? Just as there are so many different ways of talking about it, some people have different opinions on what it is, but in my opinion, it is a means of satisfying a need of some kind.

A new generation wants to do different things, as perhaps they believe they have changed and now they want to dress in a certain way or they have new needs and they need to be satisfied. There are a few different trends.


Macro Trend

There is a macro trend or trend in which it is subtle, but it is very popular for many years, but it is like a classic. Maybe high-waisted pants or maybe it’s a button-down shirt or maybe it’s a sneaker. So these things don’t go out of style that fast, they really are there. Maybe there are some small varieties of how they are made over the years, but the silhouette I assume is the same and they can last five to ten years, maybe even longer. 


Consumer Trend

Another set of trends is the consumer trend and this is the trend that generally highlights the decade. This is the trend that is remembered, such as the low-waisted jeans like the two from the early 2000s and then the flapper dress like the ones from the 1920s, etc. 


Micro Trend

The third and worst is the micro trend and it is also called fashion and this is where a trend is. So like spontaneous and just out there and extinguished it doesn’t even last a year. We see this a lot with fast fashion and this is usually because this trend doesn’t fill a need of any kind, it’s just there and it’s like, oh my gosh, and then everyone does it and then it’s not useful anymore. 


Trendsetter Agencies

Let’s talk about where these trends are coming from, there are so many different agencies that actually their job is to predict trends that don’t actually make them, they predict what’s going to be popular. Therefore, these agencies are specialized in searching and collecting those new things all over the world.

So, it is not just fashion, it is politics, economics, cultural influence, artistic music, new innovations or even new material changes in society, development of new markets, etc. So they collect mood boards for different businesses, particularly like maybe if a business has a brand, these companies actually make a mood board for that brand to match their clientele what they think their audience would like to have.

You know any change and these fashion forecasters actually go around the world in search of new materials, maybe new innovations of how to make a certain thing and that will mean that there is something. That’s easier to do, maybe there is a new die of some kind that will be really popular.

Once production starts to unfold, many designers will try to use it because it is something new. People will want it, of course, not all designers choose to use these agencies, but many do it simply because they are the people who know what their client wants. They know where the world is going, they can analyze the potential of the brand and its customers, what they want, what they need.

In this constantly changing and creative world of fashion, people only need to have this inspiration to have new ideas, new thoughts to give their collections a new breath. So sometimes it’s the same color, sometimes like maybe jeans of some kind of color, why many designers have the same color once again?

There is a Pantone color of the year and a university that specializes particularly in color says that this color is the color of the year. They don’t just say oh this is a beautiful color, you should be fine, it’s cool. In fact, they discover what the world needs, maybe there is a new way to make a dice. Maybe there is something new, they analyze what people want and they do it.

Usually, there is like a color of the year and there are a few other colors that maybe work well with that color or maybe you just know that they didn’t really cut the color of the year. And in this way, the collections seem more unified and perhaps a buyer could buy from different designers and it would still be a kind of uniform look that works together. Many designers choose to follow those color trends and it is easier for brands when they do. 


Fashion Forecasters

There are different trend forecasters, there are forecasters who make the forecast for about five years from now or even later. There are forecasters who do it about a year in advance when they see the catwalks already and want to see what the designers come up with. Because once the designers, the best designers come out with their stuff, all the mass-market producers actually watch those shows, have certain designs copy them, and create their own cheaper versions and distribute them.


Trends by Designers

Designers are basically artists who can be inspired by other art, they can be inspired by music inspired by events that are happening in the world today and they can be inspired by the work of other designers and maybe make their own piece of that design in shows. You have probably noticed that some of the designs are unusable, this is usually because they are not supposed to be usable.

A show can have four different styles and an accessible look that anyone can wear. It can be something that goes beyond the limits of fashion, something risky that may have done it, it may become popular or they may not realize it, it is like an experiment for them.

It may be a piece of art that is not supposed to be worn, it may add a feel to the show itself, or it may just be that you meet an expression from the artist and a stopper from the show. This can be a work of art or it can be like haute couture, a very delicate design of some kind or maybe just something crazy that people surprise.

You know what I mean, so what I’m trying to say is that not everything on the runway is meant to be used and not everything ends up in the mass market. Designers are artists and they want to express themselves and present a kind of uniform art form like fashion using the fashion forecast, that is the short term in which department stores are looking for salable items, so they hire agencies and these agencies present these are really wearable looks from fashion shows you can do this, you can buy this, maybe you will do this and that’s what department stores do. 


Trickle Down Theory

Most of the trend is dependent on celebrities and something high powered and this is called drip theory when a celebrity picks or likes something that wears it and then department stores try to recreate it. People in the lower segment who cannot afford expensive things can try to recreate or use them.

Basically, what celebrities want to wear, people will want to wear too. If the designer has friends, celebrities, they may actually be gifting them things etc, this is actually happening right now on a different scale from influencers, real people bringing up what the designers are selling.

A drip theory when, for example, like a street, inspires a designer to create something like this from a fashion that ordinary people wear. For example, the denim trend like, of course, denim was popular, but there is just as much denim on the street as there is streetwear. Denim on denim and I think that caused a surge in denim for this year.

There are always doubts that some people like a trend and then move on with it, some don’t, maybe it’s just a matter of comfort that can force a really big trend. As a real social thing like a revolution of some kind, for example, historically speaking, fashion was very much involved in revolutions, especially the French one. As in the spring-summer 2021 shows, there were as many shows that got a vote as Louis Vuitton. 


Hopefully, this article has answered most of the questions related to the origin of fashion trends.

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