Easiest Way to Maintain or Lose Excess Weight

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Maintaining weight is as difficult as losing weight. With all your effort, hard work, time, and money once you lose weight you feel so much relaxed. This is a great achievement, you feel a big success in life. Now, you get back to normal, you start living your busy life, you start enjoying pizza, burger, ice cream, sweets, malai kofta, butter paneer, butter chicken, and all you stopped to achieve what you wanted. There is so much chance that with the above normal routine you will start gaining weight again. The easiest way to maintain or lose excess weight can tell you how you can maintain without heavy workouts and stopping to eat your favorite food.

There is good news for people who feel are overweight and want to lose weight. They can start losing weight with small changes in their eating habits and speed walking every day. Before getting to start one must check his or her medical conditions like hypertension, thyroid, glucose level, etc. With any alarming condition, it is necessary that with treatment first medical tests are brought to normal. Once test reports are normal and kept under control then there are chances that with time body will adjust and get back to normal body weight. However, to see faster results one needs to put in the extra effort.

There are ways, without hard workouts with simple modifications in diet body weight can be reduced. In a tough way, a person can opt for a 2-3 days liquid diet with a lot of vitamin C and coconut water up to 5 to 6 per day. This will bring down the glucose level and also detoxify the body. This should be followed up with a balanced diet and a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. In another way without going through a 2-3 days liquid diet, one can opt for a balanced diet, fresh fruits & vegetables, anti-oxidants like green tea, black ginger lemon tea, flax seeds, sesame oil, olive oil. Calories can be limited by replacing regular breakfast with fruits or salad or juice with pulps. High-calorie foods like rice, potato, banana, and foods containing fats like oil, butter, milk should be reduced and made to occasional food. Also one should drink 3 to 4 liters of water daily. For drinking water, there must be a gap of 30 minutes before and after food.

I would like to give you my example. First thing, I am a very foody person. I love almost all tasty, healthy & unhealthy food and I do not control myself for these. I do not go to the gym either. Looking back 20 years back my waist size was 28 inch and today it is 30 inches. In the last 10 years many times, this has fluctuated between 30 inches and 32 inches. As I mentioned being a foody person, on the occasion I hardly have control over food which most of the time leads to rapid weight increase. My body reacts too fast to food and I can even see the difference in the morning after eating dinner in KFC or a full meal in a restaurant.

The secret to maintain my weight and stay healthy is consistency in a balanced and imbalanced diet. There is little science and logic involved in it. The first thing one needs to understand is that our body needs a certain amount of calories, protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals every day. This varies from person to person and depending on lifestyle. Once you arrive at the figure for your body you know how much of these are required daily and what are sources can provide you these.

You can take the help of a dietician or certified online guidelines. By thumb rule, if you make a daily routine of food to balance the body’s requirements you will never gain weight. This is the easiest way but may not be practical for many of us. From my personal experience when you balance excess with less than body don’t get anything extra to add up. This keeps your body weight under total control.

All you need to do is whatever excess calorie or fat has been consumed today should be cut down from tomorrows and the day after tomorrow’s diet. You can replace calories with fresh fruits or cooked vegetables. Similarly, the person who wants to reduce should simply ensure that diet intake especially calorie and fat is lesser than everyday needs. This is a very simple formula.

Below three categories ‘YES’, ‘OCCASIONAL’, and ‘NEVER’ for a healthy diet can be followed:

Canned food (Sweets, pickles, preserved vegies/non-veg) NEVER

Readymade food (Mixtures, bhajis, chips, precooked food) NEVER

Readymade juice/cold drinks NEVER

Cold drink – NEVER

Maida – NEVER

White bread – NEVER

Cheese/Butter/Ghee OCCASIONAL



Pizza/ Burger OCCASIONAL

Oil fried Chicken (non veg) – OCCASIONAL

Oil Fried veges – OCCASIONAL





Brown bread – OCCASIONAL

Sugar or sugar products – OCCASIONAL

Green Vegetables – YES

Seasonal Fruits – YES

Whole wheat roti – YES

Besan – YES

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