Customize your top 20 wardrobe essential – for her

Customizing your wardrobe collection with your unique choice can be your style statement. Here goes the list:


  1. Denims

Dark shaded denim jeans are one of the most trendy outfit. Denims can be worn almost everywhere and are easy to maintain unlike other trousers. Its always a good idea to have couple of different shaded jeans in your wardrobe.


  1. T-shirts

In casual wear T-shirts are one of the most worn tops categories. Many designs with variation of shapes, neck designs, print designs, fits, bottom and sleeve shapes are possible in this category. Keeping Black, White and couple of your favorite color T-shirts would bring variations.


  1. A denim or leather jacket

Depending on weather condition type of jacket can be selected. However there are many varieties made with different materials for different season. Topping up your outfit with a jacket flares up your style.


  1. Evening dress

Sometimes its boring to wear denim and t-shirt or blouse always. Having couple of evening dresses for your evening outings brings a cheer. You can go with different floral prints, colors, and dress designs.


  1. Night dress

Night dresses are meant for comfort but by selecting trendy designs you can bring style statement to your night dresses. So its not a bad idea to spend time in choosing your choice from ecommerce websites.


  1. Stoles

Stoles bring ethnicity and variations to your style even if you carry it with a t-shirt or a blouse. At times they are protective against sun and pollution. Hope you would love to have one in your wardrobe.


  1. Innerwears

Bad innerwear can ruin your day or even trouble you while travelling. On the other hand good quality innerwear gives you confidence and comfort. You may know your favorite brand already or you may need to try new ones with interesting designs.


  1. Shorts

Shorts are easy for wearing at home. Keeping few in the wardrobe is going to be helpful and handy.


  1. Skirts

Similar to shorts skirts are easy and comfortable to wear at home. Additionally, you would find it exciting alfresco to wear it with t-shirt or blouse.


  1. Pajama

Pajamas can be worn as nightwear or a casual wear for indoor. Having good material and print designs can add variety to your wardrobe for indoor wear. While purchasing it is important that fit and handfeel of the material is checked.


Hope this article is helpful to you in planning your wardrobe collections. You may find another interesting article “Customize your top 10 wardrobe accessories – for ladies” and “Customize your top 10 wardrobe essential – for men”.


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