Customize your top 10 wardrobe essential – for men

Clothes are essential part of life. Sometimes we need to be choosy for our need and best usage. You can create your own style statement by customizing your top 10 wardrobe essentials. Below goes the list:


  1. Denims

Denim trousers, in other words jeans are one of the most popular outfits for men. Though it comes in casual category many people wear it even in their offices. Shirt or T-shirt or polo shirt goes well with jeans, toping up with Navy or Black blazer makes it smarter. You cant miss this out in your wardrobe.


  1. Chinos trousers

Chinos trousers is also considered casual wear however many people wear this with formal shirts as well. They look classy and stylist with casual shirts and polo shirts. Navy, Stone and Khaki are most suitable colors you would want to purchase for your wardrobe.


  1. Shirts

A shirt paired with a trouser is considered as main outfit of a man. There are various options like plain, printed, striped and checks designs which can bring variation in your styles. Depending on climatic condition and season you may decide on materials like cotton, polyester, viscose, linen, wools etc.


  1. T-shirts

T-shirts are most preferred tops items for men. Except office T-shirt is worn almost everywhere and by almost every person. There are many brands and online shops providing customize printed T-shirt designs. Huge category of prints; like – typography, photography, graphic, arts, funny designs, quotes, illustrations, brand designs are being offered. You may want to have a big collection of unique designs for your wardrobe.


  1. Polo shirts

Polo shirt is upgraded version of T-shirts. Due to collars and ribbed cuff polo shirt look smart. They are good pair with denim and chino trousers both. Many office executives like to wear polo shirt for office. Keeping collection of different color polo in your wardrobe isn’t a bad idea.


  1. Blazer

Blazers are classy with denims and chinos. You can pick Navy blue or a black blazer to suit with your denim shades.


  1. Jacket

Depending on season and climatic condition jacket can be selected. They pair well with denim trousers. You can keep few in your wardrobe for casual outings.


  1. Shorts

Shorts are essential item for the wardrobe. People not only wear them at home but knee length chino shorts or cargo shorts are also worn out of the house. You may want to add few new designs and colors in your existing colors.


  1. Joggers

Joggers is another important item for men, it is worn while evening walk, playing outdoor games or while workout in gym. Due to comfort and stretch these are also worn at home during winter season.


  1. Innerwears

There is no need of stressing the importance of good quality innerwear as the comfort, softness and fineness are main factors while purchasing innerwear. Many brands provide anti-bacterial and moisture management finishes to make it more superior. If you already know your favorite brand then you may want to explore upgraded products in this category.


Hope this article is helpful to you in planning your wardrobe collections. You may find other interesting article “Customize your top 20 wardrobe essential – for her ” and ” Customize your top 10 wardrobe accessories – for Men“. Please do write your feedback in the below comment section. Also, please sign up your account for notifications of new articles.

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