Crafts making, Canvas Painting and Photography Business for Artists

Arts are treasures at home. They can add great value to interior and at the same time crafts are also used for small purposes at home. If you have interest and skill to make crafts or canvas painting or photography then they can be great business opportunities for you. Below action plans would be step forward for to kick start this business for you:


  1. Do a trial auction – If you already have a collections of your design or photograph it is a good idea to start with a trial auction. Someone from your friendlist or colleague or neighbor may like to purchase it for their home or office.   


  1. Make a small display online or in your locality – You can display your product range on facebook or on instagram page or on pinterest or on your own website.
  1. Ask for feedback – Based on display of your products request for feedback from people. While good feedbacks can motivate you, bad feedback can lead you towards perfection.


  1. Maintain a diary for people’s feedback and order booking – If you have database and record of your customers then it will help you to understand your customers and have a useful interactions.


  1. Make a range based on people’s interest and ratings – It is not necessary that people’s taste can be same as yours. Sometimes it is better to think commercially and make products as peoples would love to buy. Once you have feedbacks you can make collections based on their interest. This will also create a bonding between you and you customers.


  1. Plan a sale platform for your business:
    1. Sell in your locality – Selling in your locality on weekends can invite people to know your products and make purchases in their leisure time.
    2. Make own website or social media page – Having own website is the best thing for any business but you may need effort and patience to make it successful. On the other hand, social media page is easier and faster to reach people you already know.
    3. Contact shopkeeprs – You may contact shopkeepers near your area or if possible across your city. Tying up with shopkeepers to sell your products in their shops can be win-win situation for you as you do not need to make a big investment in renting a store.
    4. Put a stall at nearby shopping mall – Some shopping malls allow to put stolls near the entrances so putting a stoll on weekends can be a good opportunity to reach many customers.
    5. Rent your own store – Renting a store should be the last thing to do after trying above options since you would need a big investment for it and their could be a risk initially.


  1. Expansion plan – To sell products to a bigger customer group it may not be possible to manage everything by yourself. You may need to prioritize below based on customers’ response.


  1. Build a team – Building a team and distributing work to manage the business is necessary to smoothly execute your plans.


  1. Hire artists and support staff – Depending on demands you need to hire artists and supports staffs.


  1. Registration and necessary documentation – Registering your business is very essential to run it legally and free from any hassles. GST registration and opening a current account would be must once transaction starts.


  1. Maintain ledger – Maintaining ledger of your account for purchases, payments, expenditures and sales is essential part of running a business. If require you may need to hire an accountant for this job.

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