Businesses in Most Demand during COVID-19 Pandemic

While many businesses were shut during the COVID-19 lockdown still there are essential items for which business remain open. Below is list of businesses which have been running during lockdown and will continue to run. This article may give you an idea if you have any plan to make a startup.

  1. Medical Supplies – During lockdown medical supplies have been the most essential products. Medical staffs in hospitals and public have been relying on medical supplies to safeguard themselves from COVID-19 infection. Apart from medicines and medical equipment below are list of products most in demand. In previous article “” list of products are described to counter COVID-19 infection.
    1. Hand wash – Most of people would have experienced the shortages of hand wash during lockdown. This was mainly due to high demand, low productions and less supply. The demand for this product brings opportunity for startups to venture into production or supply of this product.
    2. Hand Sanitizer – Similar to hand wash this product has been high on demand. In fact the consumption of hand wash is higher than hand wash as its convenient to use and can be carried everywhere.
    3. Face mask – Usage of face mask has created history for the first time as whole world needs it. Since Jan 2020 masks shortages have been on rise. New inventions have emerged to counter COVID-19 infection in public places. In spite of many new startups, still production and supply is lesser than demand. Mask production or supplying business can be a good business opportunity.
    4. Face shield – This is completely new invention which is believed to reduce the risk of infection as it blocks droplets or contaminated air to directly get contacted to face. As awareness increases
    5. PPE Uniforms – PPE uniforms have been mainly believed essential item for medical staffs. However due to increasing risk PPE can be useful for people to move around so that they can protect themselves from unidentified COVID-19 patients. Moreover this being disposable item demand would be much higher than possible supplies with existing manufacturing companies.


  1. Farming – Crops, vegetables and fruits are products that everyone needs to survive. Production of these products can be made with minimum risk as farming doesn’t require people in mass as it does for manufacturing companies. This could be a very good opportunity for people to get into farming business or expand existing one.


  1. Nursery – Nursery in people’s locality or online nursery for seeds or plants selling can be exciting for many people as they would like to grow organic vegetables or fruits or herbs at their residents. One who has knowledge and interest about growing plants can make this as their business option.


  1. Dairy –Dairy products like milk, curd, paneer, butter, cheese, ghee are daily needs for almost every family. Having own dairy farm or getting into supply business could be a fast moving and profitable business option.


  1. Poultry – Business for poultry products like eggs, chicken and mutton can be profitable if handled carefully. New companies like bigbasket, freshtohome, Licious have emerged for home delivery based on online bookings.


  1. Fish farming – Fish farming has believed to be one of the best farming businesses. Lot many varieties with high demands and higher price can be grown. Sea food farming and selling in non-coastal areas can be interesting as it may have less competition. However business owners must do a study of people’s interest towards sea food before entering to the market. The company like is already venturing into this business.


  1. Packaged foods – Ready to cook foods and readymade packaged foods both due to its convenience are high in demand. During lockdown usage of these products increased drastically. People preferred biscuits, chips and other snacks than cooking multiple times. Production or supply of these products could be a good business option for many people.


  1. Ayurvedic products – Demand of ayurvedic products have increased ever since “Immunity” word was pronounced by the Health Ministry and Ayush Ministry. Everybody wants to be stronger to beat the virus infection. Selling ayurvedic products online or through franchise retail store could be good business opportunity.


  1. Electronics – Sale of electronics products and home appliances is expected to go higher in coming days as government has given relaxation to sell these items through Ecommerce websites. Need of home appliance has increased as many service industry like saloon are still kept shut. Selling niche products online could be great idea to capture bigger market.


  1. E-commerce – Selling products like groceries, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, poultry products, ayurvedic products, electronics, apparels, make up items could ease the business to reach its end customers.


  1. Delivery Services – Since many shops are instructed to remain shut during lockdown online selling and door delivery is the best option to let the wheels rolling. One need to tie up with these small businesses and provide delivery solution to their business could be the most practical business solution.


In the article, “” you may get an idea of your existing business from the lists mentioned. If you are looking to start or planning to diversify your existing business this article may have given you clarity. Hope you can start it soon. Please write your honest feedback in the below comment section.

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