Business Ideas Post Lockdown

  1. Making and selling home made products –

Having talent pays off. If you or any family member has skills to make products which can be necessity for someone you can always make earn money from it. This point is elaborated in article “15 Home based Businesses to Become an Entrepreneur“. Lists of products that can be made at home:


  1. Nursery service for homes –

If gardening is your hobby and you have good knowledge about plants then this can be a very suitable business for you. Providing nursery services at customer’s backyard or lawn or roof or balcony can be customized nursery service.


  1. Ayurvedic medicines franchise store –

Trend of Ayurvedic medicines have grown in recent years. There is a big scope for opening Ayurvedic medicine stores across urban and rural areas. Having eligibility to start this business could be a great luck to you.


  1. Electric vehicle charging station –

As per prediction and recent technology upgrades, in coming years electric vehicles are going to be replacement of petrol or diesel run vehicles. It may be a good time to opening chain of electric vehicle charging station.


  1. Home cooked food on advance booking –

Cooking can be tiring for someone but for someone its passion and refreshing work. If you are having hobby for cooking then you can start customized parcel services based orders can be unique idea.


  1. Buying and selling for profit –

Hope many of you would have done bidding on There is always a demand for a unique product if you can source it for cheaper price and still sale with margins at a competitive market price.


  1. Recycling and reselling –

Many have started business like modifying cars or bikes and reselling with premium price. This idea is not limited to only vehicles but any household products can be transformed to new product.


  1. Sports teacher for school students –

Physical activities for kids are as important as education. If you have got enough space and interest in sports you can be sports teacher. Forming teams and having competition could be great options.


  1. Multistory car parking facility –

With increasing vehicles in cities its very inconvenient for people to find parking spaces near market area. Making multistory vertical parking facility could be incredible idea.


  1. Vertical farming –

Vertical farming is the practice of growing crops in vertically stacked layers under a roof. Due to controlled-environment agriculture, high productivity at less space can be achieved.


  1. Skill development program –

If you have any unique skill and you are good in teaching people then this can be exciting idea for you. Coaching group of people for specific skill development of different age group could become your success story


Hope you liked above ideas and hopefully some of them could be useful for you. Please don’t miss to share this article with your family and friends so that they can also get benefitted with this.

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