Amazing Tips to Learn a New Language Fast

Who doesn’t want to learn a new language! If you know the regional language of the country or state you want to visit then life becomes so easy, you have a chance to explore more and experience better which you might miss if the language is unknown. Below are amazing tips to learn a new language fast easily and faster. These tips will also help you to use resources like books, apps smartly.


1. Learn Basic Words of Daily Use

Learning basic essential words that are used in daily life will get you off the ground. Knowing small words, in the beginning, will boost your confidence and interest to get going. Focus on words like – yes, no, water, food, do, please, sorry, go, come, get, see, walk, talk, speak, tell, show, sit, stand; this, that, now, then, here, there, up, down, what, where, when, who, why, etc are easiest to learn and are most useful in daily life.


2. Learn Small Sentences of Daily Use

The second stage of learning a new language is learning short sentences and using them in daily life. You must focus on two to three words sentences to keep it easy and interesting. You can choose short sentences from your favorite language and learn the translation for these. Example – take it, bring it, give it, keep it there, watch it, don’t mind, just like that, get up, wake up, good morning, good night, birthday wishes, happy anniversary, write a letter, read an article, etc are good to go with sentence learning.


3. Learn Tense

Tense is the base of any language. Knowing tense can make you express in a new language. New words and short sentences learned initially will bridge up with tense to make you more efficient in completing a sentence or conversation. Hence it is not a bad idea to give extra time to learning tense properly which will be used forever for both writing and speaking purposes.


4. Translate Every Sentence Possible

Take out time daily to practice translation on a notebook as well as in mind. Choose easiest to most difficult sentences; make a note on any topic or about someone in a new language.


5. Start Chatting in New Language

The easiest way to communicate in a new language is by chatting with someone you are comfortable with, or family members or colleagues. Nobody can be perfect, you might remember your friend or somebody correcting your grammar or spelling mistake while chatting. This improves our writing skills, reduces errors, and gives us confidence to speak the language fluently.


6. Practice to Speak

Practice makes a man perfect! Imagine a batsman going for batting without net practice! Obviously, it won’t be possible for him to score runs or survive on the pitch for a long time. Similarly, practice is very important for learning a language. The best way to excel in a spoken language is to practice it on regular basis. Start a conversation in mind; speak with your friend who knows the language.


7. Watch Videos, Movies, Listen to Songs, Comedy programs

Learning a language with the entertainment medium makes it interesting. One should watch movies, comedy videos, and listen to songs to entertain himself and make the new language easily understandable. Moreover, you can learn new words and sentences from this type of video.


8. Learn New Words Everyday

Vocabulary is a vast area to learn. However, you should target systematically to increase your vocabulary; for examples, name of days, counting numbers, wishes, name of seasons, name of fruits, name of vegetables, name of grains, name of tools, name of institutes or organizations, name of animals, name of birds, name of sea animals, name of body parts, name of diseases, name of relationships, name of vehicles, name of festivals, verbs etc.


9. Engage Yourself in Discussions and Debates

Having discussions with friends or colleagues will improve your fluency and confidence. You will learn new words and sentences. It will make you more expressive and boost your confidence to handle the situation in the language.


10. Check and Correct Grammatical Errors

As we learn the language to speak and write it is also important that we excel in the language with no grammatical errors. Testing grammar against textbooks or through the app is a great idea to be master in the language.


11. Know the Culture

A lot can be remembered if we know the culture and we are emotionally engaged with people. You will have a chance to know jokes, slang, events, rituals, etc that will keep you always connected with people and language.


Hope this article will be helpful to achieve your dream of learning a new language. You may write your feedback in the below comment section. Also, don’t forget to sign up for more useful articles.

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