All You Need to Know to Fight COVID-19

COVID-19 pandemic has brought a massive change in our lifestyle. People are safe with awareness and precautions. Ignorance is risky for the person and others. Keeping the virus away by preventive methods is the best way to deal with it however having high immunity reduces the risk of infection or impact due to infection. With no treatment available as of the date following ways can be helpful to fight the disease. Below 10 ways are all you need to know to fight COVID-19.


1. Preventions:  

    1. Social Distancing – Social distancing and avoiding contact with a person, surfaces, or air is the best way to keep the virus away.

    2. Hygiene – Cleanliness, and hygiene for the surroundings and stuff or food used in daily life is vital to prevent the virus infection.

    3. Face masks – Every mask doesn’t prevent bacteria or viruses. It is important that good quality mast is used in public places.

    4. Eye protection glass – Protecting eyes are equally important as protecting the nose and mouth. Using eye protection glass is the solution to this.

    5. Face Shield – While the mask protects the nose and mouth face shield gives protection for the complete face from the contact of droplets to the face.

    6. Hand wash and sanitizer – Washing hands or using good quality alcohol-based sanitizer is important to keep hands free from bacteria or virus.

    7. Gloves – Gloves can be used in public places where contact with surfaces can not be avoided so people must use gloves while shopping or purchasing vegetables or fruits.

    8. PPE Uniforms – PPE uniforms may not be needed for everyone except medical staff or family members taking care of patients. However, in risk-prone areas like containment zone, hospitals, public transport, etc PPE suits with other protective items must be worn.


2. Immunity 

Healthy foods, green vegetables, fruits, and herbs increase immunity. Yoga and home remedies are also good for improving immunity.


3. Yoga

Almost all yogasanas are good for immunity and health. However pranayam, breathing exercises are most suitable for improving lung health, respiratory system, and immunity. One should include yoga specific to all organs, overall health, and mental health. Remember, deep breath till last breath. This is a natural technique to let the lungs have enough supply of oxygen in case of congestion in the lung area.


4. Home Remedies

Home remedies are helpful to increase immunity which may prevent the infection. Home remedies may not be a cure to infected person but it helps in fighting the symptom and also helps in faster recovery. Listed below are few home remedies which is good for flu:

    1. Kadha – There are different types of kadha in Ayurveda. In homes, the most used kadha is the combination of crushed ginger, tulsi, pepper, jaggery boiled in water.

    2. Honey and turmeric – The mixture of honey and turmeric is good for sore throat and dry cough.

    3. Honey and pepper – The mixture of honey and pepper is good for sore throat and dry cough.

    4. Roasted ginger and turmeric – The combination of roasted ginger and raw turmeric powder is good for dry cough.

    5. Jaggery – Keeping a piece of jaggery in the mouth for a long duration and sucking its juice is good to heal the inflammation due to sore throat. Jaggery gives relief to dry cough.

    6. Cloves water – Cloves are anti-biotic. Having boiled warm cloves water is a very good home remedy for dry cough due to allergy or viral infection.

    7. Warm milk with turmeric – Drinking warm milk with turmeric helps in cough and helps to get rid of mucus from the lung. 

    8. Drinking lukewarm water – Drinking lukewarm water helps to reduce inflammation, swelling, sore throat, and removes mucus.

    9. Gargle with warm salt water – gargling with warm salt water 2 to 3 times a day can help in dry cough, sore throat, and swelling due to infection.

    10. Boiled turmeric water with few drops of lemon – Drinking boiled water with half teaspoon of turmeric and 5-6 drops of lemon juice helps in sore throat and dry cough. 


5. Acupressure

Pressing acupressure points is a great remedy that gives relief and helps in faster recovery. Acupressure for affected organs, immunity can be practiced for better results.


7. Sunlight

Everyday sunlight for half an hour in the morning and in the evening is the best source for Vitamin D and therefore very good for improving immunity to fight Flu and COVID-19.


8. Homeopathy and Ayurveda

Normally, both of these treatments do not have side effects. It is also said that people taking these medicines have high immunity power. However, it is not advisable to be totally dependent on them for serious acute problems.


9. Quarantine for 14 days

In case of traveled another city or containment zone or risky place person should opt for home quarantine. As per the government’s policy person traveled from another city or state or country quarantine is mandatory. People should co-operate with this policy.


10. Being Positive in case test report positive

Negativity in the mind makes a person weaker, reduces immunity and healing power. On the other side, positivity gives strength to the mind and body; it increases immunity and helps in faster recovery. Above remedies, healthy diet, yoga, meditation, acupressure, and medications can produce much better results if a person remains calm and positive after the infection.


11. Isolation for 14-21 days

It is too much important that after confirmation of the infection the disease is not let to transfer to another person, it is family members or friends or colleagues or medical staff or neighbors or public. A person should keep himself away from people by keeping himself in home isolation, wearing PPE and face shield till test reports don’t come positive.


Please also read the article “Positive Side of COVID-19″. Hope this article is helpful for prevent and fight COVID-19. You can write your feedback in the below comment section. Please sign up for more posts and notifications.

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