5 Most Awaited Inventions to Counter COVID-19 Pandemic

While being in lockdown the world fights against the COVID-19 virus. Everybody is eagerly waiting to receive news on drugs or vaccines or inventions that could empower people to fight the COVID-19 pandemic efficiently. We hope below list of the 5 most awaited inventions to counter COVID-19 pandemic to get invented soon so that everyone is safe. 


1. Handy Compressed Oxygen Cylinders

This may sound peculiar but just imagine if we all had a small handy oxygen cylinder-like PAP machine which will facilitate breathing without inhaling outside air. This can act as a barrier to viral contamination. Science is yet to discover this as a solution at the mass level to prevent COVID-19 infection.


2. Virus Detecting Devise

COVID-19 virus being microscopic nobody can see it and this creates a big confusion for everyone. People are protective everywhere even if there may not be a virus around. Imagine if the virus had a noticeable color, say red, how easy it would have been for everyone to stay away and be protected. Science needs to invent the machine or glass through which viruses can be seen by everyone. Obviously, we need to wait for this, no one knows how long.


3. Virus Scanner Machine

A body scanning machine that can detect and show the presence of virus either outside or inside of the body due to infection would make life easier to handle the virus and patients both.


4. Harmless Anti-virus Censor Machine

At present UV rays, a body scanning chamber is used to disinfect the outer body. This is not very safe though. Also, recently DRDO has developed an Ultra Violet (UV) Disinfection Tower for rapid and chemical-free disinfection of infection-prone areas. The UV Blaster is useful for high-tech surfaces like electronic equipment, computers, and other gadgets in laboratories and offices that are not suitable for disinfection with chemical methods. The product is also effective for areas with a large flow of people such as airports, shopping malls, metros, hotels, factories, offices, etc. We still need to see a safe body scanning chamber machine to disinfect viruses externally without safety being a concern.


5. Anti-Viral Drug or Vaccine

The whole world awaits effective vaccines and anti-viral drugs for the COVID-19 virus. While many have claimed it to be ready and in the final stage we are yet to get the final approved drug that can treat us in case of any infection.


To counter the COVID-19 virus we hope to have the above inventions being developed soon so that people’s lives are safe from the Coronavirus. Please also read “5-latest-inventions-that-protect-us-from-covid-19-virus/“. If you have any new ideas, please write in the below comment section, and don’t forget to mention your feedback too.


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