30 Main Reasons Why Relationships Fail

Today sustaining a relationship has been a great challenge in people’s lives, especially among youth. The divorce rate in India is about 1% whereas the divorce rate in the USA is 39%.  Though the rate in India looks low, what is surprising is that a year back the divorce rate in India was about one-fourth of what it is today. 30 main reasons why relationships fail can give you better clarity on this matter.


1. Communication Gaps

Communication gaps can create misunderstandings between two people. It’s not possible to deny the fact that two different people have different opinions and understanding. So, what is important is to speak it out and clear the confusion or misunderstandings.


2. Expectations

Having high expectations from the partner can sometimes lead to dissatisfaction and frustration. This situation is not for any relationship and hence this is one of the main reasons for a relationship to fail.


3. No Love and Care for Each Other

Having love and care for each other is important in a relationship. No relation can survive without them. With or without intention having no care and love can create distance between two persons. 


4. Selfness

Being self-centered or having a selfish act again brings bitterness in a relationship. Both need to realize that the other person is equally important even if it is about watching a favorite channel. Mutual understanding keeping each other’s interest is important for the relationship.


5. Competition

Having a competition is good but not good for a couple. Instead, people should be supportive of each other. It should come truly from the heart that your partner’s success is your success too.


6. Ego Clash

Competition and self-pride generate ego in a person. The ego is never good at any place. Having ego between a couple can never keep both happy. Maybe one person can satisfy his ego with his act but when both are not happy and satisfied it kills the charm of the relationship.


7. Distance

“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies” a quote by Aristotle. When a couple lives far from each other there is a disconnect. You don’t feel the presence of the other person and miss out many things. The distance is one of the main reasons why a relationship fails.


8. Not Giving Enough Time

Being busy with work may be good for your career or business but when enough time is not given to a partner a distance is created between both.


9. Lack of Attention

Everyone needs attention in a relationship. Lack of attention to your partner may be disheartening for him or her.


10.Being Demanding

Demanding something from the partner which is unpleasant can create an unhealthy atmosphere in the relationship. It is important that one understands the feelings of his or her partner and act accordingly.


11. Not Respecting Each Other’s Opinion

It’s important that couples respect each other. Hurting the partner’s self-respect and not giving value to his or her opinion can make the other person really upset.


12. Not Adjusting with Each Other’s Liking

Nobody is perfect. Neither every choice of a person can match with his or her partner. Making small adjustments depending on each other’s choices is good for the relationship. It can keep both happy and satisfied.


13. Not Being Expressive

When you express your feelings then the partner gets to know about it. Whether good or bad if one is not expressive people can be misunderstood. It can also create differences between couples.


14. Inferiority Complex

Though having an inferiority complex can be a psychological problem but it is possible that something in life is making the other person inferior. Trust, loyalty, and love can erase such feelings in the partner.  

15. Taking for Granted

Many relationships have broken because one or both have taken the relationship for granted. Being casual, not giving importance to the partner and relationship can create a gap between both which leads to a breakup.

16. Not Giving Space

Everyone needs personal space in life. Nobody likes to be always busy or suffocated. On the other hand, taking a break or having personal space can be rejuvenating. Having faith and being supportive is important in this situation.  

17. Maintaining Secrets

When someone in a relationship maintains hides things and maintains secrets then it creates doubts. No relation can flourish on the foundation of doubt and being untruthful to the partner.

18. Past Relationship

People do forget the past relationships and they move on but it’s not the case with everyone. Remembering the past relationship can impact the other person and relationship. Not leaving the past can be one of the main reasons why a relationship fails.


19. You Never Be Sorry

Admitting to your mistakes and being sorry no matter how small it is can make a good bonding between the couple. On the other hand, not admitting to a mistake can upset the other person. It becomes a major concern when things like this repeat in a relationship.

20. Comparing with Others

Being comparative can make the other person inferior and unhappy. It’s important that one should like the individuality of the other person. It’s mutual of course.

21. Lack of Intimacy

Intimacy in a relationship brings the ultimate pleasure and happiness. When there is a lack of intimacy between couples they get distracted and can even cause frustration. It is one of the main reasons today why a relationship breaks.

22. Monotonous Life

Boring and monotonous life can be depressive at times. Having holidays, celebrations with the partner can be cheerful. This is the main reason the tourism industry, restaurant business, shopping malls, and entertainment centers are popular today.

23. Addictions

Having an addiction to a bad habit can be a reason for a turn-off to the partner. At the same time addictions disturbs the harmony in life and relationship. It requires realization and personal attention to get out of any addiction which can be dangerous for the relationship.

24. Disloyalty Issue

Cheating on the partner is one of the biggest concerns today. Being disloyal can lead to the most unpleasant situation in life.


25. Trust Issue

Not trusting the partner can reduce love and bonding between couples. Trusting a partner makes the other person loyal and committed to the relationship.

26. Temperament

If you cant control your anger and happen to react rudely to your partner then it can be so hurting that you may not even realize it. Affection dissolves when there is anger and irritation in the relationship. So it better to opt for an anger management program.

27. Compatibility Issue

The difference in personalities, emotions, choices, opinions, and physical appearance can be counted as compatibility issues in a couple. If there are any small differences that can be worked out then it is important to do so.  

28. Being Irresponsible

Responsibility in the relationship keeps dependency and bonding in a couple. If anyone or both are casual and not taking responsibility in the relationship then there is a chance that they lose interest in each other.

29. Financial Issues

This may be a rare situation however a breakup can not be denied when a person is not able to cope up in the relation for the financial reason. The person may find a better option to be single in such unpleasant situations.

30. Unpleasant Atmosphere

There could be many reasons causing an unpleasant atmosphere in the family. It can be disturbance by other family members, too many commitments, restlessness, arguments, clashes, verbal or physical abuse are main reasons for unpleasant atmosphere in the family. Keeping a peaceful atmosphere should be the responsibility of every member of the family. No peace in the house can make everyone irritated and is bad for a relationship.

 Hope the above 30 main reasons why relationships fail will be helpful to you. If you know any other reason than these then we would love to hear it from you. Please do mention your experience in the below comment section about any missing reason why relationships break. Your findings may be helpful for our readers.    

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