25 Unique Business Ideas with Low Investment

Starting a business needs a unique idea as it involves financial risk. Finding the niche market and developing the right business solution is key for the business. The biggest challenge for any business funds. This may not be feasible to have big funds for starting a business even if the business idea is unique. 25 unique business ideas with low investment brings you unique and practical ideas for doing small businesses with low investment. 


1. Recycling business

The waste and recycling industry offers several opportunities for those looking to start a business with a low investment. You just need to find one or more waste materials that are thrown away and can be reused, resold, or recycled. Below are some examples of recycling business opportunities that can be started on a small budget.


Steps for Recycling Business Operations:

  • Collecting – Place bins in commercial and residential areas, but be sure to place them where they will be useful and not a nuisance.  Plan the location of your bins strategically, picking locations where you will get the right type of traffic depositing the kind of materials you want to collect. Clothing bins are also a popular variation on the theme. 
  • Sorting – You need to sort and group similar products which can be picked for the next step. 
  • Redesigning or remaking – Modification, re-coloring or repairing or remaking new product are good ideas which can bring you better returns. 
  • Reselling – Identify target customer, market your products, and reach your target customers to sell.


2. Exotic Plant Farming

Exotic plants growing business ideas that play on your mind should materialize as soon as possible. The Indian Council of Agricultural Research has found in its study that the market for “exotic” products is registering a growth of 15-20% annually. Small business owners who sell products through their outlets and serve a dedicated customer base have reported exceptional growth of 150-200% annually.


3. Herbs Farming

Herbs are wildly popular these days – from the smallest store to the largest discount store, you’ll find herbal remedies, culinary herbs and herbal teas, baths, candles, and aromatherapy essences. If you love the romance and mystique of herbs and are into gardening, then a herb farm might be the business for you. You’ll plant and grow your herbs and then sell them to wholesale or retail customers. You can also sell potted plants or herbal products like soaps or vinegars. Some herb growers operate their own collection fields where customers can collect their own plants.


4. Exotic Sea Food Farming

Fish farming is the fastest-growing food production segment in the world. It is the process of raising aquatic organisms commercially in a controlled or semi-controlled environment to increase productivity.

Fish farming is the process of raising aquatic organisms commercially in a controlled or semi-controlled environment to increase productivity. Many different types of fish can be raised, from table foods to exotic tropical species. Most towns grow fish to harvest and sell to restaurants.


5. Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Charging for electric cars is very different from gas stations and has a great future in this business model. Although it was estimated in 2020 that there are 26,000 electric vehicle charging stations with more than 86,000 outlets and a much larger number of charging points in the home, they are generally not a business with a few exceptions.


6. Sports Club

Busy life and reducing space in cities have eaten up playgrounds. Renting own place or taking rent to open a small sports club where students or working people can visit to play table tennis, badminton, volleyball, billiards, etc games can be a unique business idea with low investment.


7. Graphic Designing

Whether you are preparing to start your own graphic design business or want to know how to increase the sales of your graphic design business, you need a strategic marketing plan to be successful. The graphic design industry is worth $ 13 billion in annual revenue, which means there are many opportunities to grow your business. It also means that there is a lot of competition. In fact, there are more than 126,000 companies in the field of graphic design, and almost 90 percent of them are freelancers or companies without paid employees.


8. Website Designing

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, online businesses are growing, new business startups have taken birth and besides this existing offline businesses are migrating to online business especially in developing countries.

Although it’s easier than ever to build a website from templates and content management platforms like WordPress, many companies still prefer to hire a web designer to create and manage their websites. As a result, many web design jobs are and will remain available.

According to Salary.com, the median income for a web designer is over $ 70,000 per year, with the range between $ 50,000 and nearly $ 100,000. The combination of high demand and lucrative income potential makes web design a popular business idea for private users.


9. Video Editing

If you have the ability and skills to edit videos, the best way to supplement your existing income is to do video edits for other people.

Not only can some work-only projects help bridge the gap between other clients or projects, but they can also get you paid well.

Starting a video editing service that turns a client’s raw footage into awesome video production with music, titles, and special effects is a fantastic business that needs to be put into action. A video editing company can easily be run from a home studio and the company can focus on both video editing and digital editing.


10. Personal Stylist

A personal stylist is known as a person who makes sure that their client looks good in every way when attending an event or in the middle of a meeting. These are people who have an amazing knowledge of fashion, makeup and jewelry so any of them can be perfectly combined for an extravagant look. If you’re someone who has these skills and enjoys styling people, consider starting your business at home with personal stylists.

The market is in tremendous demand and if you can establish yourself you can be sure that you will be making hefty cash out of the business every year you are in the market.


11. Personal Trainer

If you have an idea about training you have a good opportunity to become a personal trainer to many needful people. This business model may require very low investment to start.


12. Online Teaching

Online tutoring is a profitable business. This industry is developing rapidly with the advent of innovation, technology, and widespread use of the Internet. Parents and students are familiar with online tutoring websites for their personal learning needs. The life of an online tutor is full of fun and rewards, both intellectual and tax. You will work with students from different cultural backgrounds and geographical areas. In one-on-one interviews, they help the students to reach their maximum potential.


13. Renting Service

Did you ever think renting your personal belongings can make you earn without any big investment? Yes, renting your stuff like a bike, bicycle, digital camera, telescope, room or even your suits isn’t a bad idea to make earnings.


14. Pet Boarding

All segments of the Indian pet industry – food, accessories, toys, catering, grooming and breeding – are growing exponentially. Reports show the market is growing 14 percent annually and will be worth 430 million by 2020. The growth potential in the pet industry has opened up several business opportunities, with kennel being one such option.

Dog boarding, also known as dog daycare, is a service that allows owners to hand over their dogs for a period of time for a fee. In the pension, the dogs are fed, run and looked after by the staff, who ensure that the dogs stay healthy and happy.


15. Dog Training

Dogs are man’s best friend. Starting a dog training business isn’t that big of a deal. All that is required of you is the ability to train dogs and have a love for animals. Dog training is a clear case in which you get paid for what you love to do. The dog training business was going to thrive for a long time. It is an industry that continues to make profits due to the lucrative nature of the business and is a money-spinner for those who want to get involved.


16. Photography

If you have the right equipment and experience, you can offer your photography services to both local and international clients. There are many options for someone with a keen eye for pictures.

Photoshoots for advertising and marketing are in great demand today. Creating your own background image, banner image, or mockup image is a great business idea for your photography skills.


17. Business Analytics

In the past, your organization may have used data in the following ways: collect data, decide what it means, and figure out how to apply it. The evolution of business analysis has led us to a more complex process.

Imagine the benefits of having a team of business analytics consultants and certified data professionals working with a company to set goals, answer business questions, proactively identify red flags, make executive decisions, be competitive, and provide a roadmap for providing the success of business analytics.


18. App Developer

The development opportunities for mobile apps have never been so great. Not only do employees rely on mobile devices to work, customers and business partners are also demanding the ability to interact with your company through mobile apps, websites, and clouds.

Mobile is only part of the puzzle. Sensors, big data analytics, automation, customer experience and social media – all of these are important for users navigating the complex digital landscape.


19. Language Teacher

You may well be teaching English or Hindi or a foreign language or a language spoken in another part of your country with no business experience or qualifications. This is an excellent idea for reaching a lot of people interested in learning a new language.

The demand for language teachers in the business world is high. Knowing how to teach a language to people who speak another language will help you meet that demand.


20. Youtuber

Watching videos is one of the most trending entertainments among people today. YouTube brings varieties of videos like movies, funny video clips, education, training, tips, and many more. Posting videos on your YouTube channel can be a good source of income.


21. Tournament Organizer

Sports events have recently been increasingly popular. It is proven not only by the growing number of visitors to sports events but also many are attracted by sport indirectly.

Sports events have been developing fast, the demand for it has been growing, mega shows and events are organized. To start with a small business, organizing a tournament in your area or city is a unique business idea.


22. Party Planner

If you enjoy planning and hosting parties and special events, starting an event and party planning service is for you. Event and party planners have common personality traits. They are detail-oriented, well organized, easy to communicate, and very creative. In short, event and party planners are responsible for organizing and hosting special events such as wedding anniversaries, birthdays, promotions, and award ceremonies for their clients.


23. Customized Printing

A custom printing business is a kind of “jack of all trades”. These companies often focus on printing anything from business cards to t-shirts. This also opens the door to converting some of your more successful screen printing projects into side businesses.


24. Café Library

The demand for book cafe services may be declining due to numerous options available to book lovers. However, if you know how to position your business, you will get good and trendy books, great coffee and if you have fast internet that is affordable or free you will make a profit in this industry.


25. Cloakroom Service

Traveling with your luggage and bags in and around the Airport can be cumbersome. Left Luggage facilities are available for your convenience, so you can move around comfortably. Providing app-based cloakroom near airport or railway stations is a unique business idea with low investment.


Hope this article was useful for you to plan your own business with low investment. If you have any better business ideas then please mention them in the below comment section.

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