25 Differences in Life Before and After Marriage

Marriage is fantasy of many young people.  Whether guys or girls everyone dreams to get married and get settled in life. If you ask people who are married and happily living married life with their partners you may hear many inside stories. Marriage brings many changes in life; both positive and negative. 25 differences in life before and after marriage will help you know the changes you may experience or already experiencing.


1. Decisions are combined

Ever since you started going to college you might have been independent to take your own decisions. It may not be the case in married life, you may not be dependent to your partner for decisions but it is mutual to keep you partner involved for almost every decisions.

When you and your partner are dependent or have mutual understanding to make decisions together then the bonding become stronger. Whereas, taking your decisions alone is not good for the relationship. It may create distance with your partner.


2. You dress up as per your partner’s choice

Your dressing may be influenced with what your wife/husband may like you to wear. Your wife/husband may feel certain outfit in certain colors make you look more handsome or beautiful. This may be entirely different from what you like to wear. So, whether it is a wedding reception of someone or going on a holidays your outfits will be more of your partner’s choice.


3. Your partner’s hobbies are yours too

Husband and wife like their partner’s hobbies and interests. Sometimes partner’s hobbies may turn to your hobbies as you proceed in life. This also happens as your priorities change in life.  


4. Your daily routine is dependent on your partner’s routine

Daily routine before marriage when a person is alone is different compare to when he or she is married. After marriage life revolves around partner, the most things happen together and this is the reason your daily routine will change after marriage.


5. Your sleeping pattern has changed

Going to bed and waking up in the morning is dependent on other activities like dinner, watching TV, spending time together so on. This may be different from your regular sleeping routine before marriage.

If you were late goer to bed before marriage whereas your partner happens to follow routine of early bed and early wake up then you are more likely to adopt the same.


6. Your fitness habit has changed

Partner’s habits have a great influence on his or her partner. It can happen that you may become more health conscious on a positive note whereas on contrary you may even become more casual about your health after marriage.


7. You are more sincere

You may feel more responsible after marriage which may turn you to be more sincere in your profession or personal life. You can put extra efforts for completing your work which was not the case before.


8. You have a busier life

Life gets busier when you live with your partner. Though living two people together has more hands to finish tasks, you and your partner may have many things to look after. Family’s responsibilities, events in family and friends of your partner are added responsibility now.


9. You are more emotional now

You see things more emotionally now. You may get into emotional logic of almost everything around. This can happen as you are emotionally dependent on your husband or wife.

The research from the University of Georgia also found that marriage benefits women’s emotional stability. The study authors speculate that the commitment of marriage had a positive effect on women’s neuroticism, which decreased over time.


10. You will spend lesser time with your friends

Hanging around with friends before marriage is common thing which almost everyone experiences but once you are married you have lesser time, your priorities have changed.


11. You shop differently

Before marriage you may be into gadgets, bike or car but after marriage your shopping list may be home décor, kitchen appliance and so on. When you have a kid then you baby care products added into the list.


12. You may like loneliness better than before

Even if you lived together before you got hitched, living together as a married couple is wholly different. Busy and monotonous life may make you feel an urge of a break from a family life. You would like to spend time alone rather than with your wife or husband.


13. Your holidays will change

Planning a holidays with life partner is different than holidays with friends or colleagues. Your holidays can be extra ordinary as well as few of them can be boring ones. Holiday’s spot with life partner is mutual decision however sometimes you may end up going to a place which is your partner’s favorite but not exciting one for you.


14. You have more patience

Dealing with hiccups and responsibilities in family make you more mature and patient. Your approaches change. You have more faith on time and efforts.


15. Weekends are more busy

After having busy office life on weekdays you may have many personal works piled to be finished on weekend. You may end up cleaning your house or car or trimming grasses in your garden.

On the other hand travelling with wife or husband can be exciting and pleasant.


16. You compromise more often

Compromises are most common thing in a relationship. People compromise for their partner’s happiness. If compromises happen from both sides then it is considered to be strong bonding in the relationship.   


17. Your partner is more often in your profile pictures

Whether on social media or chatting apps your profile picture is mostly with your wife or husband. This can happen with two reasons, either you love to keep your partner’s picture in DP for your contact people to see or your partner may want so.


18. You experience better sex

While it is true that your sex drive is likely to decrease once you tie the knot, the increased intimacy that comes with marriage will also make you more willing to try new things in bed.

With experiences your partner may get more pleasure on bed.


19. Intimacy is part of routine life

Intimacy is a big thing for an unmarried person. However in married life making out with your partner can be a routine life rather than being so exciting and occasional experiences.


20. Your creativity has eventually reduced

One biggest loss one may experience is being less creative after marriage. The most of the time it is hard to realize but due to less free time your brain occupied in result losing the opportunity to think in an innovative way.


21. You may be less romantic now

Romance is natural phenomena which happens with excitement and attraction toward opposite gender. Once you see the person every day and share most of the activities with him or her then you may find it less exciting as it might have happened when you met him/her for the first time.


22. You have more often argument with your partner

Argument happens when there is a dispute, when there are two different opinions on a particular subject. You or your partner may find an illogical act which can lead to an argument. Arguments are not always bad as it may create better understanding between couples.


23. You may quit smoking or drinking

After marriage either due to health consciousness or with the influence of your partner you either reduce smoking and drinking or you quit for a good reason.


24. You may smoke or drink more often now

There is also an adverse reaction post marriage. Due to stress or frustrations you may increase the frequency of smoke or drinking alcohol.


25. Your cooking skill has improved

Cooking is one of the survival skills for every person on the earth. Who would forget lockdown days when there was no house help and people needed to cook. Many people without cooking knowledge struggled to survive during Lockdown.

In a family cooking skill is helpful to manage when your cook is absent or you need to cook for any other reason. You may develop these skills with time.


Hopefully, through this article you could understand or realize about the changes before marriage and after marriage life. We would love to know your experience in addition to above 25 lists. You may write your points in the below comment section.

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