20 Proven Signs of a Happy Relationship

There are many factors affecting relationships today. A happy relationship is the outcome of love, care and closeness. 20 Proven signs of a happy relationship are essential to maintain a happy, healthy, and long-lasting relationship.


1. Often have Laughter Together

Laughter is the medicine of all tension. Laughter brings happiness, peace, and harmony in life. There are many health benefits one can get by adopting humor and laughter in life. It can wash off the stress and can keep the heart, lungs, and brain healthy. On one side with laughter, many issues get resolved without any extra effort on the other hand it can keep couples away from disputes between them. Laughter is the best way to keep the relationship flourishing and laughter between couples is a strong sign of a happy relationship.


2. You both Enjoy Jokes

Cracking jokes can depend on the nature of a person. One may be humorous and may love to crack jokes to make his/her partner laugh. A happy atmosphere where both in the relationship enjoy jokes, no matter who said it then it’s a good sign of a happy relationship.


3. Helping Without Ask

Many people do not like help unless asked for it. However, it is not the same case in a relationship between a couple or a husband and wife. Helping a partner in a difficult time or even with small things which can make him/her less stressed is a great way of expressing love and care.


4. Affection for Each Other

Love and affection for each other nurture the relationship between the couple. With love and affection, both can enjoy a happy life together. Being connected with the heart and feel for each other are signs of a happy relationship.


5. Both Care for Each Other

Care comes out of concerns and love. Obviously, it is a natural process. Being in a relationship both should have equal feelings for each other. On the other hand not caring for each other or being one-sided care may lead to a breakup.


6. Possessiveness

To an extend where possessiveness doesn’t affect a partner’s life or both lives being possessive is a good sign of a happy relationship. Being possessive means a person can do anything to keep his/her partner happy. Sometimes too much possessiveness can lead to an extreme situation which may lead to suspecting the partner or stopping the partner from pursuing a career or being self. Such a situation due to possessiveness in a relationship is not hygienic.


7. You Gossip Together

Relationship between a couple is an informal alliance where both can be themselves and be opened to discuss things in surrounding. Being comfortable and casual with each other is important in a relationship. Having gossips between couples is an indication of closeness with each other.


8. Sharing Experiences with Each Other

Hiding things in a relationship is dangerous for a relationship. However happy couples like to share their experiences with each other. Discussing things with a partner can bring closeness and is a sign of a happy relationship.


9. Being Silly

Sometimes being silly with each other shows the bonding for each other. It’s not possible to be silly and be yourself in front of anybody else than your partner. Your partner may never mind or even admire your childish nature. Again, this is a good sign of a happy relationship.


10. Being Honest

Being honest in a relationship is important. One should feel happy if his/her partner shares even his/her silly mistakes. There is no harm to admit the mistakes instead of proving the night as a day. Honesty is the foundation of a relationship.


11. Being Emotionally Dependent

People in love are emotional for each other. They connect with their hearts. Being emotionally dependent is normal and it means a happy and loving relationship.


12. Arguments have Happy Ending

Discussions and arguments are normal incidents between couples. Mostly, arguments could be due to confusion or misunderstanding, or lack of knowledge however being logical is important for any discussion. No matter how big the argument is if the argument ends up with a fair conclusion then it means a happy relationship.


13. You Love Each Other’s Company

In spite of busy life, a happy couple loves to spend time with each other. They love their companies as the best time in their lives.


14. Your Intimate Relation is Good

Intimacy in a relationship is like oxygen for life. Without intimacy or an unhappy sexual relation, the relationship between the couple would die. A good intimate relation between a couple brings satisfaction and happiness. It may cover up many flaws in the relationship.


15. Happy for Each Other’s Happiness

A happy relation has no jealousy or comparison with each other. They look happy in each other’s happiness and success. On the other hand, trying to compete with your partner can bring bitterness to the relationship.


16. You Admire Each Other

You are in a relationship with your partner only because you had liked certain things in him/her. Whether it be the person’s smile, dressing sense, or flamboyant nature, or any other uniqueness which attracts you are the main reasons to be in relation with the person. If you both like things in each other and admire it then it is a good sign of a happy relationship.


17. You Discuss but Avoid Arguments

Communication and healthy discussions are a must in a relationship. Many confusions can be resolved and many could be avoided from germinating. In a healthy relationship both try to resolve things through healthy discussions rather than arguments.


18. You Compliment Each Other

Compliments are essential if you want things to work out long-term. When you compliment your partner on more than just one aspect of themselves, it shows that you really appreciate and like who and how they are as a whole.


19. You Adjust or Compromise for Each Other

Two persons are never the same both by nature and situations. Small adjustments and compromises for the life partner is nutrient for the relationship. It helps in increasing bonding between couples. A long-lasting relation always has compromises from both sides.


20. You Dream Together

Dreaming can be fantasy but when a couple has a dream for a better life together then they really mean it. Unless both want a happy life together it can never be a happy life. Dreaming means planning for a better future together which is a great sign of a happy and long-lasting relationship.


Hope this article would help you or your close ones to improve the happiness in the relationship. 

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