15 Things to Check Before Accepting a New Job

Finding a new job is a big challenge. Above this getting through all rounds of interviews is another tedious process. In spite of this, having clarity and making a right decision is important. If you are planning to join a new company you must consider 15 things to check before accepting a new job.


1. Company’s Performance

Many people miss checking the company’s past performance and current status. This is very crucial for job security as well as growth. Checking company’s background before attending job interview or before accepting the offer letter is the first step you need to consider.


2. Company’s Future Plans

Once you know what the past performance is and current status of the company you need to find out what is the future plan, how the expansion would take place. Moreover, understanding the role and plan for your career path would give clarity.


3. Reviews from Ex-employees

The best way to know about company’s working culture is feedback from the ex-employees. If the company is well known then even people outside of the organization know from their friends, family or colleagues. To avoid biased opinion, feedback from multiple people can be useful.


4. KRA

Knowing your job profile and key responsibility area in writing can be helpful for smooth work experience. Rather than clumsy KRA, a focused KRA for managers and staffs is productive in a professional organization. Secondly, there is a chance that performance gets affected due to lack of clarity or getting exploited by seniors.


5. Salary and Benefits

Know your salary breakups. There may be huge difference in gross salary and take home salary from company to company whereas you may not be aware of it. Other benefits like provident fund contribution by company, bonus, incentives are other benefits one needs to have clarity on.


6. Allowances

Allowances are compensation against certain expenditures which company is liable to bear the cost. For example, people in sales or marketing have to often travel for the company’s work. The company may agree to bear the full or partial expenditures depending on the job profile.


7. Leave Policy

Leave comes under legal compliances. Nobody can make someone work on government holidays or declared holidays by the company. Apart from this, companies may have policy to encash against the casual leave or earned leaves in case not utilized the employee. Knowing leave policy will help in planning your holidays.


8. Place of Work

The company may have many branches across different cities. You can avoid surprises if you are aware of working location before getting into the new job. In my personal experience, this has happened with my colleague who was asked to join from the company he never wanted.


9. Working Culture

Working culture, HR policies, treatment from colleagues and seniors are important while working in an organization. You never want to be caught among people who treat you as an alien. Some people may have tendency to politicize the working atmosphere which may impact your performance or image. Knowing in advance can either let you decide not to get into jungle or you may be prepared to deal with this type of situations.


10. Terms and Conditions by the Company

Companies have terms and conditions like getting transferred to another department or city, acceptable or not acceptable terms like doing part time job elsewhere or doing business. It’s better to know them well and declare to the company before joining rather than having clash or misunderstanding later.


11. Future Prospects

Future prospects and growth path in the organization are your investments you would earn while working in the organization. Besides, the company’s future plan for you and your own career plan should align together, though nobody can guarantee this as it depends on your performance and overall company’s situation.


12. Skills and Tools Knowledge

Every company has specific software and tools. Having knowledge or experience of such softwares and tools is required to be efficient in your work. If you are new to it you must learn and practice before joining the company on new job profile.


13. Reporting Boss

Organization structure and reporting boss is the key for the working experience in a company.  Hierarchy and reporting boss is important to understand the ladder of career in the organization. On the other hand you can prepare to achieve your goals.


14. Team Structure

If you are about to join at a senior level or team leader position its important to know about the team structure and size of your team. You may also require to know key responsibility of each team member.


15. Notice Period

Notice period for quitting the job is crucial as joining a new company may not be able to give same time as previous company’s notice period. Many companies has one month notice period whereas for many companies it is as longer as two or three months notice period. Having a long notice period is not feasible so you may need to negotiate on the terms and condition for the notice period.

Hopefully, this article can be useful for you to decide before accepting the new job.

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