15 Proven Ways to Overcome Depression

Undoubtedly there are many reasons for any person to get into depression. We have heard about many popular and successful personalities who experienced this situation in their lives, some of them went even to an extreme level. Although nobody could have control over their situations which can take him/her into depression, there are ways depression can be managed and overcome with time. Below are 15 proven ways to overcome depression: 


1. Involve in Passion to be Busy

The best thing for someone to avoid or get away from depression is staying busy and when it is for your own passion or dream then you feel excited and happy. Staying busy with your passion will buy your spare time and therefore least scope for you to have a chance of getting negative thoughts. Hence it is good for you to start your passion or if you have already started giving extra energy and time to it.


2. Meet Friends

Nothing is more fun than chilling out with friends. Every time you meet your friend you create memories. Don’t you enjoy remembering and discussing past memories! Nothing should stop you from patching up with an old friend or making a new friends with whom you can be comfortable and have lots of fun. Who knows your friend has a better solution for your tension.


3. Watch Comedy Movies or Videos

Yes! Isn’t laughter best medicine? Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Endorphins promote an overall sense of well-being and can relieve stress and even physical pain. Then what else are you waiting for? Recall your favorite comedy show or movie or even a new comedy movie or TV show which will change your mood.


4. Do Charity for Helpless

Doing something good for orphans, disabled kids or old people may give you inner happiness and satisfaction. You may feel proud to make someone happy even if it is for a small moment. You may feel emotionally connected.


5. Spend Quality Time with Family

Instead of staying aloof when we spend a good time with family members, when we do something together when we participate in things happening around us, when we discuss with each other we feel good. This also keeps us busy and away from negative thoughts.


6. Play Outdoor Games

Though both indoor and outdoor games are good, considerably outdoor games happen in a group, engagement is more while playing with a group of people. You are eager to perform and win. It gives you positive energy and busts stress.


7. Workout to Build Muscles

Set challenges for yourself, start a workout to build muscles as you would admire it. If required get inspiration from your favorite star. Physical energy will divert your mind from negativity and boost your positive energy.


8. Start a New Hobby

You might have a hobby that you are good in or it may be that the hobby you wanted you never had the time or opportunity to pursue it. Its never late, whether it be sketching or painting or singing or dancing or crafts designing or swimming or playing everything is possible the day you have decided to start. So if you need to join a club initially it is not a bad idea. You may get to experience many good things.


9. Bring a Pet to Home

If you do not have a pet at home yet it can be a very good idea for you to get one. Having a pet around keeps you happy, busy, and emotionally connected. So do think about getting an aquarium or bringing a cat or keeping a rabbit or keeping a dog as a pet at your home. If you are already having one then you need to give more time playing with it like a kid. Trust me; this would be an extraordinary experience.


10. Do Gardening

Learning and growing flowers or plants or even vegetables or fruits will not only keep you busy but would also keep you happy and positive.


11. Meditate for Eternal Energy

It is believed that yoga and meditations are not only stress-busters but they also give eternal positive energy. Meditation gives power to the brain; it flushes out negative thoughts and negative energy. Spending few minutes doing yoga and meditation is a great remedy to overcome depression.


12. Stare at Stars

In spite of being so far away, twinkling lights from stars can relax your mind. Stars are believed to have infinite cosmic energy. Looking at stars with a peaceful mind can give peace and positive energy.


13. Learn and Cook New Dish

If you already know cooking it’s not a bad idea to learn a new alien recipe which you may love it. Even if it doesn’t come out so yummy you will love it for the variation and effort. Moreover, its always a better chance for a better taste next time. Cooking ishobby for many people and it is believed to be stress-busters too.


14. Travel for a Change

Visit a place you love or a place you always wanted to go. Meeting new people, experiencing sceneries, trying new food would all be refreshing for your body and mind. Find your friend or family member to accompany you, select your favorite place, browse for the information regarding activities for tourists, plan your schedule, pack your camera and favorite outfits and be ready to have fun. Of course, images are going to be your great memories but additionally, its always a good idea to bring any popular art or an item as a memory of the place you visited.


15. Listen to Good Music

Listening to good music can be relaxing and energizing. Music is like an ocean, you have countless varieties to select. Songs of a popular star or your favorite singer and music band may make you feel good whereas good instrumental music can work like medicine. So get a good speaker or a good quality headphone and dive in the music world.


In the end, I would say that as we all fall sick with cold or fever or even upset stomach which is temporary, depression is temporary too, most of the people experience this phase in their lives. It’s not meant for forever, it can be managed and treated with positivity, happiness and good activities as mentioned above.

Reasons for depression:

  1. Stress: – In today’s working environment stress is one of the main reasons causing depression in people. However, it doesn’t mean that housewives or retired people can not have stress. Having an excess amount of any type of work or mental pressure can cause stress in a person.
  2. Verbal or physical abuse: – Abuses can happen anywhere whether it is a workplace or public place or home. While there are much reported violence which happened at home by family members there is also verbal abuse at the office and home. Both are equally destructive for human brain and can cause depression. 
  3. Harassment: – There are many types of harassment, physical and sexual harassment are the two most common types which can cause depression in a person.
  4. Breakup: – When a closed person goes away temporarily or permanently it can dishearten any human being. Some people overcome this in a very short time while others may badly be affected for a longer period. Being mentally affected due to a breakup can cause depression in a person.
  5. A loss or death: – While a breakup is phenomenon where two persons get separated a loss or death is an extreme case of losing a person permanently from life. Losing a very closed one can affect our mental health badly and this can cause depression.
  6. Monotonous lifestyle: – Having the same routine on daily basis without any break or entertainment may lead to frustration in person which is one of the reasons for depression.
  7. Loneliness: – Being aloof temporarily or for a longer period can bring a lot of negative thoughts to the mind. It is always a good idea to spend some time with friends or family or colleagues or pets to keep yourself happy and away from depression.
  8. Being cornered: – Office politics one of the classic examples when you think of being cornered. Being bullied by colleagues or friends or family members can also lead a person to depression.
  9. Illness or poor health: – Serious illness or poor health can be frustrating and make a person feel helpless. While everyone falls sick but not overcoming illness for a long time can cause depression in a person.
  10. Certain medications: – A side effects of certain medications can make a person depressed for a temporary or longer time. You got to check with your doctor if any of the medicine is making you emotionally weak.

Hope best ways to overcome depression explained in this article will help someone you know to overcome the situation in his/her life. Do write your feedback in the comment section and also sign up for more relevant articles.

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