15 Home based Businesses to Become an Entrepreneur

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In this post we will speak about home based businesses that can be started with less investment. Making homemade products is an art. Skills to make customized products or services can be your upcoming business. Companies like eBay, Amzon, Facebook, Apple, Dell, Harley Davidson started from the home. Below is the list of home based businesses:

  1. Crafts making – Crafts are treasures at home. They can add great value to interior and at the same time crafts are also used for small purposes at home. If you have interest and skill to make crafts then craft making can be a great business opportunity for you.


  1. Canvas painting – Making canvas paintings and selling them can be a good earning option for many people with painting skills. 


  1. Greeting cards – Handmade greeting cards with customized greeting messages can be unique idea to venture your business dream. 


  1. Night lamps – Different materials, light colors, shadow reflections are main elements you can play with to make night lamps for home based business.


  1. Dresses – Making customised dresses or ethnic lehenga are options for fashion designers to start their own home based business.


  1. Sweaters for winter – Hand knitted sweaters using double pointed needles have been old tradition. Many unique designs for sweaters, cardigans, stolls, hats can be made using this technique.  


  1. Handbags – Handbags are easy to make and lot of varieties can be possible in this category.


  1. Nameplate – Customized nameplate designing is a new trend. Different material, shapes, typograpy and colors are elements for your business to make varieties. 


  1. Handmade chocolates – Making chocolate at home is rare however who doesn’t like chocolate. If you have interest then this could be an exciting business opportunity for you.


  1. Cakes – There are many companies who have grown big from starting home baking business. Baking cakes for your neighbours on demand could be another exciting home based business. 


  1. Handmade soaps – Handmade soaps could be customised with many different organic products like aloe vera, neem, mint, sandal. Making unique soaps at home can get you bunch of customers for your soap business.


  1. Graphic designing – For designers graphic designing is easiest way to earn by selling their graphic designs to companies or individuals.  


  1. Web development – In today’s scenario any specific business model can not run without a customized website. For web developers this is a great business opportunity.


  1. Online consultation – With knowledge and experience people can opt for online consultation for individuals or organisations. 


  1. Writing – Writing stories, content writing and book editor can be home based business opportunity for many.

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