11 Proven Ways to Prevent Hair Fall and Reasons for Baldness

Do you wonder why suddenly out of the blue moon you started seeing hair falls? You might wonder how someone even at an early age gets bald. I have personally seen many of my friends who were very healthy and still, had a rapid hair fall. It is not necessary that due to genetics one can get bald and one cannot. In this article, find out 11 proven ways to prevent hair fall and reasons for baldness.

As per science people whose paternal or maternal ancestors are bald tend to get bald too however not all whose paternal or maternal ancestors are bald can get bald too. You can analyze your relatives or friends or colleagues. In my opinion and experience, one who has a balanced lifestyle and takes proper care of health then half of the work is done as far as hair fall protection is concerned.


Ways to Prevent Hairfall 

  1. Applying oil to hair and massage to the scalp – One should not keep the hair dry and the only way is to apply hair oil regularly. Massaging the scalp with soft hands with the help of oil is very good for the roots of hairs.
  2. Selection of oil – Light natural oil without scent or chemicals is good to go. However, I prefer coconut oil without any scent. One reason is you can easily identify its purity and another reason is it’s good for hair and also prevents hairs from greying. The best example is Kerala, where people use pure coconut oil on their hair. Dark and dense hair is the identity of Malayalis if you know them personally. Oils like Olive oil, almond oil are good but I prefer not to use them regularly as I felt it helps dandruff to remain in the scalp if you get it by any chance.
  3. Combing hair – combing daily twice with a good comb is good for hair. It increases blood circulation in the scalp which keeps hair healthy and helps in the growth of new hairs.
  4. Keeping hair clean – One should protect hair from pollution and keep it clean.
  5. Keeping hairs dandruff-free – One should keep their hairs dandruff-free by either using good anti-dandruff shampoo or treating with home remedies whenever dandruff is developed in the hair.
  6. Shampooing hairs regularly with gaps – While it is important to wash hairs with shampoo it is also bad for hairs to shampoo them every day. Too much shampoo damages hairs so one should shampoo hairs with a gap of 2 to 3 days.
  7. Selection of shampoo – One must choose chemical-free natural products for a good result.
  8. Healthy lifestyle – With a healthy lifestyle comes good health and with good health comes good hair. One should include a healthy and balanced diet and have sufficient sleep.
  9. Washing hair with good water – One should use good water for washing hair. If you don’t get very good water in your shower then you can use at least one bottle of good water to wash hair alone after a shower.
  10. Yoga and meditations – With the help of yogas and meditation one can maintain good health and this is also useful for healthy hairs.
  11. Short Hairs – Keeping short hair prevents hair fall and is also good for maintenance.


Reasons for baldness

  1. Fast foods – fast foods brings hormonal imbalance in our body which can result in poor digestion, higher sugar level, uncontrolled thyroid level, higher blood pressure, etc.
  2. Deficiency of vitamins and minerals – Sometimes despite having healthy home food people miss out on vitamins and minerals in their diet. This again can bring hormonal imbalance or symptoms related to vitamin deficiency.
  3. Dehydration – less consumption of water can cause dehydration in the body which is not good for the body or skin or even scalp.
  4. Un-nourished hair – sometimes people ignore the importance of caring for and nourishing hair. Leaving scalp dried and not giving enough nutrition through good quality hair oil can result in dryness and weakness in the root of the hair which can cause hair fall.
  5. Dandruff – Dandruff is the easiest thing that can cause hair to fall. One must use the right anti-dandruff product which is free from harmful chemicals. Not letting dandruff come to your head is the best solution for hair fall.
  6. PH level in water – Hard water or polluted water is another main reason for hair fall. You must check the quality of water in your shower.
  7. Too much use of hair shampoo – Some people wash their hair daily with shampoo which is not good for hair as it damages and makes hair thinner. In the long term, this causes hair fall.
  8. Side effects of medicines and supplements – sometimes certain medicines or vitamin supplements may cause hair fall. One must make necessary changes as soon as one sees hair fall due to this.
  9. Stress – Stress has a bad impact not only on our brain but also too much stress can cause hair fall.
  10. Not enough sleep – Not having enough sleep impacts our health as well as affects scalp health.
  11. Masturbation – As per some studies, too much masturbation causes hair fall.
  12. Smoking – As per some research smoking can also cause hair fall. So it is a good reason to quit smoking for those who love their hairs.
  13. Headache or migraine – Having a headache due to migraine or other health issues are can cause hair fall. One should get treated to avoid hair fall due to this. 

I hope this article will help you or any of your close ones to prevent hair fall and have good healthy hair. Please don’t forget to share this article with your family, friends, and colleagues so that they can also benefit from this.

Please do write to me about your experience in the comment section.

Good luck!

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