10 Things to Know Before Getting Into IT Job

In this article, I’m gonna talk about the top 10 things to know before getting into IT job or business. This is based on the over 30 years of the career of a professional who worked as a programmer, a software development manager, a Software Architect, and then finally as an IT executive.

During pandemic 2020 IT industry has not only flourished but also the IT industry has supported many industries through its cutting edge technology. While many technology and systems have been invented many are yet under development which can bring a great change in our life and profession.

This article will tell you both the good and the bad about being in the information technology business so let’s go ahead and get started.



Below is the list of advantages one should opt for an IT job or business:


1. Good salary

The first benefit that we look at is being in the IT business affords you very good salary programmers, architects, DevOps engineers, cloud engineers and IT managers all command very good salaries.


2. High demand

The next benefit of being in the IT business is particularly right now there is a shortage of trained people to work in the information technology business. If you look at cloud computing positions there are over 50,000 cloud computing positions available in the U.S. today and they are available from 3,700 run employers and represent 100 and 1913 open positions worldwide today. I got this out of Forbes it doesn’t take long to look around to see how many open jobs there are in the information technology business so this is a terrific time to go into this business because of the high demand.


3. Mobility

Another terrific benefit about being in information technology businesses mobility and that is you’ve mastered some core IT skills or perhaps a programming language or a cloud computing platform it’s fairly easy to move to another company that uses the same hardware and software platform so if you get stuck in a terrible job if you’re well-trained and you have some experiences it’s pretty easy to move to another company that has a similar type of technology so that’s another benefit is you won’t get stuck maybe in a dead-end job if you have some skills you have the ability to move to another company that perhaps has a better environment.


4. Work Remotely

Another advantage is many IT companies now support remote work and so you can work from home. This is a great advantage and that you can save a large amount of time and money. IT jobs are particularly well suited for working from home so the only thing you’ll probably need is a high-speed internet connection and some type of computing equipment so that you can do your job remotely. This is a huge advantage it will save you that long arduous commute every day.


5. Business knowledge

Since you’re involved perhaps in programming or maybe support of a system in terms of DevOps or operational support you’ll be in the position to really understand how the business operates. Many IT departments support mission critical systems that are really the core of how the company does business and this knowledge is very valuable and it can lead to a promotion or another opportunity in the company. Since you can really acquire that detailed business knowledge you really might become the go-to expert on how a lot of these business processes really function on a day-to-day basis.

Today IT plays a vital role in every sector. Latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning are being used in many industries. Being updated with technology keep you up to date with the emerging business scenario. This is one of the main points which can inspire from 10 things to know before getting into IT (Information Technology) career or business.



Below disadvantages among things to know before getting into IT job are important for preparing and organizing priorities in life:


1. Tight deadlines

Deadlines around IT projects can be critical to the success of the company and some projects might be driven by legislative deadlines that really can’t be changed. The industry might be regulated in some type of way and they may have a certain date that you have to implement something by. So, fines or penalties might be involved for missing these types of deadlines and all of these things can lead to a very high level of stress. Some people are better at dealing with this than others but tight deadlines and that focus around getting something out the door on time can lead to a high amount of stress.


2. Long work hours

To go along with those tight deadlines might be a lot of hours to meet those deadlines particularly when the project’s coming to an end and if you work in an IT support position you’ll probably have to work long hours fixing problems. If there are any types of service outages most hardware and software upgrades also happen on off hours and many times this is on weekends or holidays. If you’re not really up for long hours this is probably not a good business for you. Particularly, at the end of projects for startup companies and may require ridiculously long hours and might have to spend the night at work many times.


3. Dealing with change

Another thing that you’ll have to learn in the IT business is how to deal with change the IT business is constantly changing. You’ll need to adapt to new technologies and the pace of change is continuing to increase you’ll need ongoing training to adapt to all of this change. Certifications languages are changing, people are migrating to the cloud all of this represents a ton of new technology. You’ll need to continually update your certifications throughout your career to remain competitive and this can be a challenge for a lot of people.

Sometimes people go into this business and they master one type of technology like a mainframe type of technology or they become a COBOL programmer years ago and they simply don’t want to change to the new platforms. This is inevitable in this business as things are changing very rapidly so you’ll have to keep up with that so that’s something else to consider whether you’re adaptable to change or not.


4. Stress

Mission-critical applications are a stressful job. Many of these systems deal with large amounts of customers and a large amount of money and so when these types of systems go down you’ll be called in to work on these production problems and tell their result. Most of the time these systems have a ton of visibility so don’t be surprised if senior management members the CEO himself or herself as involved in whatever happens with these system problems so if you don’t really like that kind of exposure.

Again this is a limiting factor but many times when you work on these systems it really is working on a tightrope without a net so it can be very difficult and very stressful in peak situations. Particularly, if something has been hacked into or a service or a program is down for an extended period of time. Too much of stress and long hour of working can even lead to depression which we need to be alert about and balance things while being in IT industry.


5. Burnout

If you’re working lots of long hours and you have prolonged periods of high stress it really can lead to career burnout. Really, it leads somebody to find a second career or something that they want to move into after twenty-ten or twenty or thirty years and the IT business. my advice to you is to develop some secondary skills along the way that you can transition to a new career if and when you need to.


With all pros and cons, most People enjoy their careers in the information technology job or business. After long years of experience people also have the choice to move more into the education side and more out of the production side of supporting mission-critical systems.

Thank you so much for your interest in the article, I hope it’s given you a realistic look at what a career in information technology might look like with some of the advantages and also realistically what some of the disadvantages and hardships might be when you work long hours and a career in information technology.

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