10 Questions Can Inspire You to be Fit

Are you tired of tips on losing weight, have you already tried many things, do you want to simply want to understand how it works for many others but it doesn’t for you? Below 10 questions can inspire you to be fit and healthy with easy and simple efforts.


1. Why active people like military people, sportsmen, and athletes are physically fit?

physical fitness is important in military people, sportsmen, and athletes because it maintains good health, helps keep members in shape, and enables them to be productive on the job. To be able to be in these professions, you must have stamina and a physically fit body to perform difficult works.


2. Why obesity is uncommon in kids?

Children have greater needs for energy, water, and oxygen as they go through growth processes. Young bodies also absorb nutrients from the foods they eat more quickly than do older bodies. One main reason for kids to be fit and not gain weight easily is they are physically active. This makes them burn calories and generate energy much higher than adults.


3. Why people gain weight after a certain age?

As per National Health Service UK eating large amounts of processed or fast food – that’s high in fat and sugar. drinking too much alcohol – alcohol contains a lot of calories, and people who drink heavily are often overweight. Above this, the lifestyle of most middle-aged people doesn’t include physical activities like outdoor games, exercises which are essential for burning calories and fat in the body.


4. How models or air hostesses maintain their body shape?

A balanced diet, regular exercises, yoga, being active are the main good habits that may keep fashion models, actresses, and air hostesses healthy and in good shape. For anyone to be in good shape don’t need to be in these professions but adopting good habits can definitely help to be in dream shape.


5. Why tribal are never overweight?

Tribals eat natural and healthy food which is mostly cooked by boiling, not oil fried. They are away from packed, junk, and oily foods which have so much saturated fat. Another good thing about tribals’ lifestyle is that they are physically active, most of the work is done manually not by machines or electronic appliances.


6. Have you seen farmers being overweight?

Two things which I would attribute to the fact farmers are fit and strong are lifestyle and genetics. A very physically active lifestyle, hard work on and out of the farm field. Most of the farmers wake up early around 4 am and sleep early by 9-10 pm.


7. What is common among fit people?

Hope from the above examples you would now be able to figure out common things which make people fit and healthy. To be fit one needs not to be in any of these professions but he/she needs to follow or adopt good habits that can keep him/her fit and healthy.


8. Have you been underestimating yourself?

Are you inferior comparing with your role model or someone you admire for fitness? Everyone has individuality in him/her. Surroundings and our body itself are different. Finding ways to achieve self-esteem is the best way forward rather than thinking inferior or underestimating self.


9. Do you know what is going wrong with losing weight?

Realizing the mistake (you are aware of) or error (happening without realization) is the first step to stop you from doing wrong things. It can be any small habit or addiction which are not favorable to lose or maintain weight. Remember, your efforts can go in vain for 1/10th of your mistakes.


10. Can you prioritize between being healthy and unhealthy habits?

If it really matters to you to maintain fitness or lose weight nothing should stop you from prioritizing between healthy and unhealthy habits. There are many ways you can replace unhealthy habits with healthy ones which you may like too.

Hopefully, the above 10 examples would help you to stay fit. Please do write your feedback or suggestions on this topic so that other readers could also benefit from it. I would love to see your remarks in the below comment section.

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