10 Positive Impacts of Work from Home

In the most unideal situation of COVID-19 Pandemic work from home has brought all of us an opportunity to work without going to the office. There are many aspects where positive impacts of work from home have benefitted both employers and employees. Here come 10 positive impacts of work from home:

1. Cost Saving

Cost-saving is one of the main factors that is benefitting both employers and employees. Operations are simpler which helps the organization to manage human resources without having the burden of office infrastructure and facilities within the office premises. In addition, employees do not need to spend on travel as well as unplanned expenses like lunch or dinner have been intact.


2. Faster Work with the Help of Technology

No one would have imagined it could be ever possible to connect people on video conferences sitting at home; projects can be managed and monitored from home. Technologies have made it all possible to manage work without physical presence at the office. Work has been managed faster than before. The credit goes to technologies like high-speed wifi connection, software to manage the business on remote, and video conferencing software.


3. Flexible Timings

One advantage most people experience is flexible timing as you even login late to send a report in case you took a break for urgent personal work. This also helps as seniors may be accessible out of the office time.


4. Travel Time Saving

Travel time has been the biggest problem for people staying far from their offices and metro cities where your punctuality is dependent on traffic. Hours go in traffic while traveling to the office and home. These hours can be utilized in work or for self.


5. Easy Communication

Reaching people digitally is easier and faster than meeting in person. Technology has made it all possible to have video conferences, review meetings on portals, reports, and written communication within a fraction of seconds.


6. Healthy Competition among Employees

Working from home keeps people away from office politics. The performance plays a vital role instead of flattering the boss. This creates healthy competition among employees therefore sincere and honest work can benefit the organization as well as employees.


7. Comfortable Work Atmosphere

Nothing could be better than working from home. Once you have a workstation setup and undisturbed atmosphere at home you could concentrate well and finish your work on time. Many times this could not be possible small disturbances from colleagues or visitors.


8. Better Health and Wellbeing

Work from home keeps you hygienic and good personal care which may not be always the case as you may have risks like viral infections or upset stomach due to eating outside food. You can find free time for yourself now which is good for workouts, yoga, or meditation.


9. Less Sickness Absence

Better health and wellbeing and away from outside exposure can keep people fit and healthy. This reduces employee absenteeism.


10. More Balanced Official and Personal Life

As you work from home you have more time for family, you are closed to your loved ones whereas earlier even for urgency you may have traveled for hours in unpredictable traffic. Having lunch with wife and kids or parents would have been occasional in the past which may not be the case now.


Hope this article helps you to analyze your working situation and can help you get benefitted while performing work from home.

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