10 Amazing Technologies for Future of Transportation

Today the world is connected virtually and physically through transports. Places are easily accessible. Transportation is feasible today across the surface, air, and water. In this article, you will go through the 10 amazing technologies for future of transportation that will hail in upcoming years and what will impact economic growth.

Technology is bringing the ultimate revolution in the Transportation Industry. Technology advancements make traveling faster and more convenient for people. It will be an interesting and thrilling phase for the transportation industry in the future. 


1. Flying Car

Traffic has been a major problem for people in metropolitan cities. When you get stuck in the traffic then you would definitely wish to fly over the traffic to reach on time. Finally, this technology is under the final stage of development and we expect soon flying cars and taxis running in few cities.


2. Driverless Car

Driverless cars have abandoned dreams to reality with the assistance of advancements like IoT, AI, etc.. Also, preliminary attempts by organizations around the world may soon make the dream comes true. Organizations like Tesla and Waymo are the leaders of the self-ruling upset. An independent vehicle can be more secure than a human-driven vehicle as it can defeat human mistakes. However, government rules would play a key role in making driverless car feasible on the road.


3. Mobility Scooter

For elderly people and for those who can not ride bikes due to disability or health issues mobility scooters are a great revolution in their lives. Latest technology updates bring the features like portability, easy controls, stairs climbing, and many more.


4. Smart Bicycles


Many inventions have come recently in bicycles. Electric bicycles, foldable bicycles, single wheel bicycles, self-balancing bicycles are one of the main developments in bicycles.

The smart bike comes with a 10cm (4-inch) touchscreen docked on the frame. It runs its functions on a customized Android platform and can connect online using 4G LTE connectivity. One of the most important usages of the screen is navigation with real-time GPS tracking and optimal route calculations.


5. Hyperloop


Hyperloops runs at an average of 600 mph; their top speed is 760 mph. There are several companies currently working to advance the technology. Tesla is currently working on Hyperloop projects.


6. Underwater Train

Underwater transportation is believed to be safe and traffic-free. Many countries like China, Japan are already operating underwater trains. There are plans to connect UAE with Mumbai with 2000 km underwater train. In India, Kolkata is about to get the first underwater metro which would run under the Hoogly River.


7. Maglev train

Maglev trains can travel at a rate of 375 miles per hour (mph). These are already functional in China and Germany and are relied upon to turn into a typical method of transportation all through the world by 2030.


8. Hypersonic Aircraft

It has been a long time since the Concorde Supersonic carrier took its last flight, flying quicker than the speed of sound (Mach 1, or 770 mph). Presently, another age of flying organizations desires to be flying travelers at hypersonic velocities of Mach 5 (3,800 mph), or considerably higher, at some point soon. Such an airplane would finish the transoceanic New York City to London venture in around two hours.


9. Electric Vehicles

The electric vehicle is a need of time today. With the increasing population and vehicle numbers utilization of petroleum products is very high. Hence many companies like Tesla are working for bringing electric cars on road at the mass level.


10. Drones

Autonomous drone taxis that drive themselves are currently being tested before being released on the market. There are two types of drones; one, a smaller one which can be used for parcel delivery, and the second is a man carrier. The man carrier drones look much like a regular helicopter, have 18 propellers. We may soon experience travel in drone whether it is about being dropped to the airport or visiting a place.

Hope you must be eager to experience the above 10 amazing technologies for future transportation. It won’t be a bad idea to wait for them to reach your cities and countries as soon as possible. Please do write your feedback and suggestions in the below comment section.  

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