10 Amazing New Technologies That Will Change the World

Technologies have always surprised us, whether it was a first voice call cellphone, or smartphones today it never ends there. we’ve had enough of hearing about the coronavirus in 2020. The year 2021 brings us many opportunities that we missed last year. Let’s discuss the future technologies and their applications in our lives. Below are 10 amazing new technologies that will change the world and our lifestyle.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence -Amazing New Technologies

Unlike robot from star wars many like alexa and siri you can’t even see because they’re a computer program what makes them robots is the fact they can take data, analyze it, and learn from it and keep on getting more intelligent.

The ones on Google and Facebook that figure out what ads they should make pop up on your screen and for when you actually leave your living room. Robots are already helping us build stuff in factories analyze financial reports act as virtual nurses for patients.

In the future we could be talking about robots we have in our houses that will be able to cook for us do all kinds of boring jobs and outside of our houses doing dangerous ones like fighting fires or picking up radioactive waste and a whole load of other things. AI is already combining with pretty much every recent technology and it’s only going to keep on doing that.


2. Brain Computer Interfaces

Brain computer interface -Amazing New Technologies

Imagine being able to control a computer mouse and a keyboard or a drone with not a set of controls but just by thinking about it or hearing music not from speakers but that’s being streamed straight into your brain.

Maybe that thought blows your mind or perhaps it even creeps you out either way it’s already being developed and it’s coming soon. Leading the way is Elon Musk’s company neuralink which is looking at ways to implant a chip into your brain that will be able to communicate with computers. 

Just in case you thought we made the thing up about streaming music directly to your brain that actually came from a tweet on elon musk’s twitter feed if the thought creeps you out a bit you’re not alone but the idea behind it is to help humans compete with super intelligent robots and it also aims to cure disorders like depression and addiction by rewiring brain patterns.


3. 3D Printed Organs

Amazing New Technologies - 3D printing

We’re not just talking about those craft videos that come up on your facebook feed with decorations people have made with 3d printing, 3d printing fashion accessories even car parts is kind of old school now.

More cutting edge are 3d printed organs that use patient cells which will mean they don’t have to wait for an organ donor in china they’ve 3d printed an entire apartment block and the future of 3d printed buildings could bring down the price of housing and solve the problem of homelessness.

Also 3d printed rockets could be on the way too, nasa’s already made a 3d printed rocket injector. The california-based company relativity space aims to make the first fully 3d printed space rockets for a fraction of what they cost now.

By throwing a bit of ai into the mix the technology will be able to detect faults in the design and improve on them but they’re not there yet first they need to figure out how to 3d print something that’s 100 feet tall and out of a material that can withstand the temperatures of takeoff.


4. Living Robots

Amazing New Technologies - 3D printing

Next a completely different kind of robot no not one that’s so cute it makes you think it’s alive if you remember tamagotchis. We’re not talking about those. These so-called living robots are made of a real living tissue and could revolutionize medicine.

Scientists have taken stem cells from frogs and they’ve used computer programs to assemble them into blobs about a millimeter in diameter they’re not robots as we know them. Even though they come from living tissue they’re not classed as animals either they’re tiny programmable organisms that can move independently and can even work together as a team they might even be able to self-heal their wounds remove plaque from human arteries or take medicine into patients bodies it’s fascinating stuff.


5. Augmented Reality

Amazing New Technologies Augmented Reality

If you’ve played pokemon go you’ve already used about chasing pokemon is just the tip of the iceberg with this exciting technology and the boundaries are just going to keep growing. Overlaying digital images onto real-life backgrounds could have all kinds of applications in the future like AR manuals.

Think of the last time you had to fix a car engine but weren’t sure what you had to do. Forget looking for a tutorial on youtube soon enough you might be able to put on a pair of ar glasses or contact lenses and then look at the engine. With the help of a bit of AI the software will analyze the problem and then show you exactly what you have to do and then give you feedback on whether you’re doing it right.

How about a city guide that doesn’t just show you the best restaurants and nightlife on a map but will point it out to you in real time with menus and reviews appearing next to them and instead of seeing advertising billboards in the city your ar glasses will show you virtual adverts tailored for you. This means it’s got big potential for advertising as well or what about doing some online shopping for clothes and see yourself wearing them even though you’ve never been anywhere near them.

Getting a preview of how furniture will look in your room even though it’s still in the warehouse or conference calling someone on the other side of the world and having them appear on your couch and these are just a few things AR could be bringing to us soon.


6. Tactile Virtual Reality

Amazing New Technologies Augmented Reality

For any gamers out there you’ll know when you get hit in a game and you feel a dull thud from your control panel that is this concept tactile or haptic feedback. It’s about to be taken to a whole new level imagine the same idea but in a bodysuit with sense transmitters all over it it’ll mean that your VR experience lets you feel the experience as well as see and hear it bodysuits like these that let you feel as well as see and hear.

Virtual worlds are already on the market and they have uses in sports training rehabilitation and gaming too the technology is also being tested for training surgeons in simulation programs for practicing complicated surgery it helps to be able to feel resistance of body tissues when they’re being cut into or sewn programs that can do this make the training more realistic and are already in development.


7. Self-driving Vehicles

Amazing New Technologies - Self driving vehicles

Yes, thanks to Tesla self-driving vehicles are already on the market but what’s being done so far is only the tip of the iceberg. For Tesla and other companies the goal is level 5 automation that means there’s no steering wheel or pedals the passenger just inputs where they want o go and the car does all the work.

That means we could be looking at a future where most people don’t own a car instead there are just fleets of self-driving vehicles on the road which you just jump into and enjoy the ride. Not so great if you love being behind the wheel yourself but it promises to reduce congestion and pollution and it could make parking lots obsolete and free up that space for other uses and speaking of self-driving vehicles.


8. Hyperloop

Amazing New Technologies - Hyperloop

When it comes to transport of the future if drone taxis aren’t exciting enough for you maybe this will be imagine doing long distance journeys at a speed even faster than a jet plane but without having to be airborne and potentially with zero carbon impact. Well, that’s something Elon Musk is working on it’s a joint project between Tesla and Spacex and it’s called the hyperloop.

It works by placing a pod inside a tunnel with low air pressure and as the air resistance and friction are low it can travel at hypersonic speeds in testing they’ve reached 460 kilometers per hour they aim to get that up to 1200 kilometers per hour. that’s faster than a commercial jet.


9. Hydrogen Power

Amazing New Technologies - Hydrogen Engine

The hunt is on for alternatives to fossil fuels and a carbon neutral feature everybody with common sense knows it’s the way forward apart from people working for oil companies  or whose election campaigns are funded by them. We’ve all heard about electric cars but another option that doesn’t pollute is hydrogen power hydrogen fuel cells to power engines have been around for a while.

In 2015 Toyota produced a car that runs on hydrogen the mirai and by the end of 2019 they’d only sold 10,000 of them not a huge number that’s because there are still problems to deal with before hydrogen really takes off first. Even  if hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe it’s still difficult to put it into pure form that makes it expensive by the mile.

It’s about four times as expensive as gasoline second it’s highly flammable which makes it dangerous yes gasoline is also flammable but not as difficult or dangerous to store as hydrogen and this makes the technology more expensive and a hydrogen vehicle costs about twice as much as a comparable vehicle that runs on gas but the search is on to make hydrogen more available safer and cheaper and if we can do all that hydrogen could be the power of the future.


10. Energy Storing Bricks

Amazing New Technologies - Energy saving bricks

If you think you’ve got too many wires in your house this one could be for you because soon enough instead of having your electricity coming through wires it could be stored in the bricks in your walls combine that with a few solar panels on your roof.

We could be looking at steps toward carbon neutral living and we’re talking about regular building bricks the world’s most familiar building material just ones that have been modified by scientists the fact they contain iron oxide that’s also the chemical that makes them red allows them to do this they’re rechargeable and there’s also talk about them being able to directly turn the sun’s heat into energy that would mean you wouldn’t even need a solar panel on your roof.

The science on this is still in its early stages but a proof-of-concept brick has been developed at the university of St. Louis and Washington.

While many industry has already implemented few of the above emerging technologies yet long way to go when we will be able to experience or utilize all of them. Please write your opinion or suggestions in the below comment section for new technologies.

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